What You Can Expect From Sues Sensual Massage Service In Ipswich Suffolk

What You Can Expect From Sues Sensual Massage Service

I will greet you at my front door with a smile and ask you to climb the stairs to my massage room which will be cool or warm depending on the weather. Music will be played in the background, my studio is decorated to be calming and is lit with soft lighting and candles. You will see a multi functioning therapist couch; always covered with fresh white towels.


Payment is always upfront and when completed I will ask you to remove all your clothing and lay face down. Only then will you start to receive the magic of my hands in a relaxed atmosphere, we will chat and sometimes laugh together building a professional relationship.

Sensual & Erotic Massage

My massage is sensual and Erotic, I will gently rub and stroke your body with warm Italian oils slightly scented with herbs (unscented oil available) on request. As you relax, your body will become more receptive and then I will take you on an erotic journey with my magical hands.

Tantric Motion

The Tantric/Yoni motion is a potent sensuous tool of erotic pleasure, my magical hands will work as one to heighten your depths of erotic pleasure from within.  Intimately performed, my hands will move in different directions achieving different sensations until it’s time to finish. As the erotic pleasure builds your sensations will become stronger from your head to your toes and will be singing all at once…

Feed Your Imagination

You may wonder what I will be wearing throughout your session…

  • Bra
  • Panties/thong
  • Stockings
  • Slip worn over
  • Heels

I understand that sometimes you will become overwhelmed with sensations so, wondering hands is permitted to a degree and at my discretion.

See you soon!

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