Good Morning

Good Morning

Good morning people,

Yesterday afternoon the heavens opened, I was on my way to a dental appointment and i saw the most vivid rainbow glowing in the sky. I snapped a picture to show you.

Talking about my dentist appointment, it was only for a deep clean. As I always have my teeth cleaned every 3 months (not through lockdown), I assumed this was going to be a walk in the park.

OMG I have never experienced anything like it. The session was 1 hour long, I was numbed up completely and when she was finished, I was a blood strained drooling reck and felt awful. My face from the nose down felt like it had been 10 rounds with Tyson.

It was definitely not a good look and to think I had to pay for this treatment, a shocking £117.00 and i’m an NHS patient. I was not a happy bunny as you can imagine, but feeling as bad as I did, and not being able to speak apart from some slurring sounds which weren’t familiar, I slapped my plastic and left.

This was a treatment I was told I needed having not had my teeth cleaned since before lockdown and not one I would happily have again. Even now, as i’m writing this post my teeth and gums are very painful.

Although the hygienist was very caring and lovely, I feel as if i have been butchered orally and financially. Another lesson learned lol.

It’s a cold but beautiful morning with the sky filled with stunning colours of this mornings sunrise… I luv to see the colours in the sky of an autumn morning.

Have a great day people!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

Email me you sunrise picture, it would be great to see them.

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Good Morning, Good Morning, Full Body Massage Service
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