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Good morning readers,

I thought this story of my journey of having a Smart Meter might enlighten a few of you and help save you £££s.

Smart Meters advertise that they are all about efficiency and saving you money in the long run, is this actually true?

My Smart Meter Journey

I can only you tell you my true story of my journey to save money through having a Smart Meter installed and the outcome.

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In 2017 there were advertising campaigns everywhere about Smart Meters, how they can save you money and you can see in real time what appliances cost while running. Supposedly, the Smart Meter if your pro active will save you £££s.

Winter was approaching and we all know how much more it costs to run our home through this period so trying to get ahead of the enormous winter bills. I contacted my energy supplier (British Gas) to arrange a Free of Charge Smart Meter Installation. The earliest they could arrange my installation wasn’t until January 18th 2018 between 1 – 5pm. I hummed and harred over this time but went with it.

The day had come and my diary was cleared of all appointments, I waited and waited and come 5pm I contacted BG asking if the engineer was still coming. Their reply was, “sorry he’s been called out on another job”. I was furious as I hadn’t been able to work and that they hadn’t contacted me to advise he wouldn’t be coming. They agreed begrudgingly to give me £30. compensation. The advisor then had the cheek to as me if I would like to reschedule, immediately I replied No thank you.

Months later I decided I would try again and was given the date October 2nd 2018 between 1-5pm. I reiterated my last experience and I was assured they would turn up between the times given. At last my Smart Meter was successfully installed.

It was scary to see how much things cost but assured myself I would save £££s as I can be very proactive when needed.

A few weeks went by and I started to question if this Smart Meter was faulty? The costs were climbing at an alarming rate and I was just living as normal.

I contacted British gas and after a lengthy conversation they agreed to send an engineer out to check my smart meter. The engineer turned and informed me there was nothing wrong with my smart meter, he couldn’t get through to the office on his phone so we used my app so he could talk to them and a complaint was registered.

Because I was very unhappy and had logged a complaint, my case was sent to anther department where they could do an investigation on my account and see what was going on.

A few weeks later, I received a detailed email explaining, in my case, as I had a day and night meter the smart meter installed would only read my electric consumption at the day rate. This was causing my bills to be excessively high and on their recommendation to reduce my bills back to normal, I would need to have the smart meter removed and the original re installed.

I immediately called British Gas and requested to have my smart meter removed, why? they asked so i said the smart meter was costing me money. Thats impossible I was told, the smart meter is designed to save you money. Not in my case I said, I am the head of this department and I can assure you the smart meter will safe you money. Frustrated at her remarks, I said stop a minute, look at my account, I have an email from British Gas informing me in great detail as to why the smart meter dose not work for me. I was put on hold for about 10 minutes and then with an apology, she explained she had never heard of my scenario before and booked me in to have my smart meter removed.

I was given a date and time in January 2018, between 1-5pm and guess what, they didn’t turn up! I contacted British Gas very angry by now as this wasn’t the first time this has happened to me. Huge apologies from the lady on through my app and because of all my trouble was given a another £30.00 discount. I explained thats a joke considering all the hassle they have caused me and eventually they gave me another £30.00 discount and booked the engineer in for the following morning.

The engineer did turn up the following morning as booked, it took him all of 10 minutes to replace it and I was back to normal.

Smart Meters are great if you are on just one rate, not unless they have now upgraded and can offer you a two rate system. Having just checked on their site, it’s still not possible to offer a Smart Meter with day and night readings. For me it was a very expensive learning curb although British Gas did reimburse me the over charges caused by having a Smart Meter installed.

Before you decide to go with a Smart Meter, do your home work first!

I hope this post has been informative and may help some of you.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Smart Meter, Smart Meters, Full Body Massage Service

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