Good morning to you all,

Steptoes yard has now been cleared thank god, I can now get out in my front garden and tidy it up. I really dislike my front garden looking such a mess. I was always told by my granddad that peoples front gardens will tell you a story about the occupant (obviously something i’ve never forgotten). He will be turning in his grave god bless him if he see the state of my garden today. I truly loved my granddad and miss him immensely.

On a similar note, It was lovely to receive an offer of help to sort my shed roof out. I have graciously accepted the offer and it will be fixed this morning, in-fact in an hours time which is great news and i’m truly grateful for the help.

Well people, it’s going to be a hot one today! I wonder how many of you will call in sick and enjoy the sun. Don’t forget your suncream especially on those bits that don’t get exposure that often.

Have a great day!

funny, Funny, Full Body Massage Service
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Here is a little something sent into me some days ago for inclusion to my Blog. Let’s hope you enjoy it.




I thought I would share an experience of internet dating  


I arranged a date online late at night and admittedly I felt a bit pissed but I felt a connection with this girl Lucy. 

I was so excited it was like talking to my self we liked the same things we had so much in common that we arranged a no strings meeting at a Coffee Shop. When we got there, I lost a contact lens then our eyes met across a crowded room and she looked at me wide eyed and open mouthed. She had great skin almost translucent.  

funny, Funny, Full Body Massage Service

I looked at her and she remained wide eyed and open mouthed. But she said nothing she sat there open mouthed, and every so often I heard this noise wheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrttttttttt 

I bought her a coffee, but she just sat there open mouthed with arms outstretched. I thought she was obviously nervous she didn’t touch her coffee Then that noise again wheeeeeerrrrrrrrt  

. I became concerned so I called an Ambulance was she breathing she appeared to be albeit opened mouth but there was a delay for them to attend so I called a cab. I picked her up in my arms and got up to leave and she appeared to crumple. Then that noise again wheeeeeeertttttttt p p p p p . I thought she was upset as the meeting had not gone well. I called a cab and I escorted her to the ER. 

We got to hospital and I was laughed out of the place.  

Well that was the last time I left my phone unlocked around teenagers & definitely my last date with an inflatable woman


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Have a great day and hopefully I will see you all soon.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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funny, Funny, Full Body Massage Service

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