Have a heart people

Have a heart people

Have a heart people

“Have a heart people”


Have you ever noticed how some people are always so quick to judge someone else and trample on their demise.

Oh, she’s this or he’s that because, because, because!

From the beginning of my story, it has been on the receiving end of many a hurtful comment over the years and I can assure you it’s not a pleasant experience. It hurts deeply and you hide yourself a little more each time.

Now, as I’ve got older, It always makes me laugh, makes me mad how some people are so up themselves that they think they have the right to judge someone else.

I have never come across a person who is perfect, yet 9 times out of 10 they have more than enough skeletons in their closets of their own and of which I’m certain, they would hate to be exposed or judged in anyway.

So, it always amazes me how people sit in judgement of others, we all live in glass houses and some people always forget this.

Those people who choose to judge another, do they ever stop to think about what happens in that persons world behind closed doors?

“NO” is the answer.

 I would like to meet someone who has lived my story, walked in my shoes and come through unscathed.

Most people wouldn’t have survived the first chapter of my story.

Stop and think before you sit in judgment of someone else’s story and just ask yourself, “am I so perfect in every way that I have the right to judge someone else?”

Simply, your answer will be NO!

Please be kind to one-another  – it costs nothing, it’s free!



Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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