Checking on the measurements – True story

Checking on the measurements – True story

Checking on the measurements – True story

“Checking on the measurements”

True Story

Guest writer ~ Billy Wizz


Good morning to you all,

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Thanks to Billy Wizz for submitting another saucy true story, you have been a naughty boy lol

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checking on the measurements true story, Checking on the measurements – True story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

“Checking the measurements”


A few years ago for a short period of time I was lucky enough to be working in the same city as I lived. This gave Julie and I the opportunity to catch up with each other more often.

Sadly most of the meetings were in a car for a quick fumble, finger or BJ, nothing very sensual or glamorous!

One day Julie messaged me and said she was doing some architectural drawings for a customer only a few miles from where I worked. “Why are you telling me this?” I thought… “and the customer is away, wanna meet me?”

Omg my heart was racing, I’m going to f**k Julie in one of her customers houses while they are away.

Lunchtime came, I said I might be a bit late back and drove the 20 mins to the address she had given me.

When I arrived, I thought “what am I doing, what if someone sees me” I even took my work bag and a clipboard so I looked like someone official!!!

I got out of the car and “o shit” the neighbour was in the front garden with her children. I cant  turn away,  so with tie on, bag on shoulder and clipboard in hand, I said “hi” to them and walked confidently to the door.

I knocked  and the door opened. Inside Julie was looking very professional in her dress, one kiss and we walked straight upstairs, me grabbing that peachy arse of hers as she walked.

Julie led me by the hand to a tiny 3rd bedroom with a cot and baby changing mat on the side, “Christ we are going to f**k on the floor in the baby bedroom”. This was never going to be a long sensual session, this was going to be a raw 15 min dirty f**k.

We were naked in seconds, none of this sexy undressing of each other just me bouncing around on one leg trying to get socks off (this time) and bloody double knots in my shoes!

I sat sitting up on the floor my cock rigid with excitement, Julie looking as amazing as ever with her stunning breasts, blonde hair and peachy arse standing over me.  “No condom” I said, “on the pill now” Julie said.

Julie squatted straight down on to my cock, no lube just a wet pussy devouring the length of my cock, f**k we both groaned with excitement. We kissed frantically, I knew this was going to be a crazy f**k! Julie moved her pussy back and forward and up and down on my throbbing cock, I grabbed mouthfuls of her tits as they bounced around in my face.

“I want you to f**k me” Julie said and climbed off my cock. Julie laid on her back with her legs spread wide open, her moist shaved pussy begging for my cock. I slid my cock in to Julie and placed her ankle on my shoulder, she moan with delight as I pushed my cock deeper inside her. I then grabbed her other ankle and placed it on my other shoulder. Julie was now in my total control, I bent Julie in half, her toes nearly touching the wall behind her head. Deeper I pushed my cock, “f**k me hard you bastard” as I pumped my cock into Julie time and time again.

checking on the measurements true story, Checking on the measurements – True story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Arina Shilyaeva from Pexels

checking on the measurements true story, Checking on the measurements – True story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Eric T. on Unsplash

“F**k me doggy” said Julie, I climbed off to release her legs and ankles and Julie rolled over into a perfect position with her arse sticking up. “Not in my arse, no lube” Julie said. Shit she could read my mind!

I looked at the baby oil on the shelf but thought that would be a bit to far to borrow it!

I crouched down behind Julie just like a Sumo does! and slipped my cock in to her soaking pussy, “F**k me hard” Julie whispered.

I f**ked her pussy harder than I have ever f**ked a pussy before. Julie was riding my thrusts, throwing her arse back so her arse slapped against me, I lent over and grabbed her tits to hold us together. 10 or 15 thrust later I was out of control and unloaded my warm sticky load deep in her pussy.

My legs buckled and I fell to one side. Julie looked at me and said “you filthy f**ker”, I just smiled and kissed her. Julie got up, put her hand over her pussy, (we didn’t want any spillage) and went off to the toilet for a clean up.

I sat there for a minute looking at my semi hard cock with cum still dripping out, regained my senses and got dressed.

Julie came back from the loo, put her thong back on and dressed.

Both our faces were glowing as we left the house together with my bag on my shoulder and clipboard in hand. Lucky this time the neighbours had gone.

20 mins of pure filth with my amazing blonde friend.

Billy Wizz

How naughty was he…

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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