Holiday Romance – True Story

Holiday Romance – True Story

Holiday Romance – True Story

Holiday Romance

True Story



Good afternoon,

I did start with good morning and then realised what the time was, god how it flies sometimes…I been thinking, it was probably time to grace you with a post of another true story of mine, this story is from many years ago but, the memories are vivid. I hope you enjoy reading my story.

Please readers send me your stories to be included in my Blog, it’s completely anonymous and I know you all have them. I/we get lots of pleasure in reading other peoples accounts of situations. They can be true or fictional, just state what they are. They can also be on any topic sad, funny, sexy you decide. Although my grammar leaves a lot to be desired, if you write down key points, I will be happy to write it for you and send you a copy for your approval before posting. Please don’t be shy and send me something soon….x

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Holiday Romance True Story, Holiday Romance – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Caleb Stokes on Unsplash

Holiday Romance

The year had arrived, I had turned 18 and I could now book one of those 18-30 holidays that were always advertised showing parties and adventure. My friend and I booked up for 2 weeks in mid August the same year.

When we arrived at the hotel it was all about structure of togetherness, meeting everyone. I was shocked to see that it wasn’t strictly 18’s to 30’s at all, there were people who were in their 60’s on this holiday. We were told about excursions that were on offer and what parties were coming up. It was exciting and I wanted to do it all but they were expensive so we had to choose wisely.

We went to our room to unpack and freshen up before we went out to explore, my friend was being a little strange so I asked her whats up and she told me she wasn’t feeling great but she would rally. I asked her about excursion’s and which ones interested her and she none of them. I was really disappointed by her answer so I asked if she would mind if I booked up on a few and she was fine with that.

The streets were full of people, lot’s of hustle and bustle everywhere, it was magical. The shops were open until late which my friend enjoyed and it was just a great atmosphere all round. We stopped at a cafe to sit and watch the people go by as the sun was lowering ( I luv cafe culture). My friend wanted to go back to the room so we did and I began sorting out my excursion plan.

It’s morning, Bikini on, shorts and T-shirt then down for breakfast before the beach. My friend was of the fussy type, all she wanted was toast and of course back then it was a continental breakfast of rolls, ham, croissant, cheese and fruit which didn’t please her. I booked a couple of excursions, one for each week and then off to the beach we went.

We laid our towels out and I peeled my clothes off to lay on my towel, my friend just removed her shorts which I found strange at the time but we are all different, it was only about 10am and it was already very hot. The beach was packed with all kinds of people and most ladies were sunbathing topless even the older generation so my friend looked a little out of place with her T-shirt firmly in place.

The 18-30 party was on in a couple of nights time and being held at a nightclub a few streets up from our hotel, I was looking forward to it but my friend was still strange. I had know her for 10 years and I knew she had a few hangups but this was above and beyond. I tried to talk to her but nothing was coming back so decided to just leave it alone and keep a smile on my face.

A few days later, It was now time to find the party, in the foyer of our hotel there were loads of people gathered and I asked if anyone was going to the party, they all said they were going and we could join them. Great I thought, this would be nice to be with other people and maybe great for my friend.

We arrived at the club, it was classy and modern, huge and packed full of like minded people just wanting to dance and have fun. We were only there an hour when my friend said she was going back to the hotel. “Did you want me to come with you?” I asked,” no” she said “you stay as I’m not feeling great”. “If you’re ok with that?”, “yes no problem at all” she said. “I will see you later then” I said as she horridly left.

Holiday Romance True Story, Holiday Romance – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Igor Starkov from Pexels

I danced and danced and met an English guy on the dance floor, he was handsome with a twinkle in his eye and he had some smooth moves on the dance floor. We were dancing together and then he leaned in to kiss me so, I kissed him back and all of a sudden we were engulfed in foam, It was a foam party. We laughed and continued dancing amongst the foam but, the foam was penetrating our clothes making them stick to our bodies.

Not a lot of imagination was needed to see my body through my white dress especially with the blue lights, I felt very embarrassed so decided to go outside and dry off a bit. It wasn’t long before I was joined by my dancing partner. Again our lips met and are hands touched, he then jokingly said “you need a license for that dress”. Colouring up I asked can you see everything? he said “I love those white panties you are wearing”, I felt my face now glow completely red with embarrassment.

He said “don’t worry, let’s  go down to the beach, maybe theres a breeze and we can both dry off quicker”. “Ok” I said as he takes my hand as we walk down to the beach like girlfriend and boyfriend. The beach had a stone seating area all around the promenade so we sat for a while chatting and getting to know each other. He was lovely, well spoken and the same age as me. This was his break before he joined his family in their business in Dorset, he was being groomed to take over the family business.

Another kiss and a cuddle and then another and another and we both slipped down from the wall to the sand and lay in each others arms. The sky was black with diamonds glistening and the moons light shone across the sea, it was very romantic. There were faint sound of music coming from the bars but mainly all you could hear was the gentle rush of the sea going back and forth against the shore, a heavenly sound.

Another kiss stolen and then another, they were becoming passionate by the second. Our hands touched each other as our bodies wanted more. He took off his shirt, oh my, what a body he had as I recall and said “lay on this” as we were both mindful of the sand. Running his hands up my dress towards my panties he said “I want to keep these panties” and laughed because he had already seen them through my wet dress.

Panties off and he placed them in his trouser pocket, nervously I laughed at his action. My hands moved to undo his belt, pop the button and unzip his chinos. Red boxers as I recall  (he was wearing cream trousers, a man thing) revealed, hugging is erect cock. He wriggled out of his wet trousers and we lay together with our hands exploring each other. My hand rubbing his cock over his boxers, his hand teasing my bare v-jj,  we were young and this was grown up stuff but we both were excited and wanted more.

He rolled on top of me and kissed me some more our eyes locked at one another as he lowered his boxers and I lifted my dress, we didn’t say a word, we both knew what was happening next. Gently he rubbed his bare cock against me and I moved with him experiencing the pleasure against my v-jj. Moments later his cock found my wet spot and slowly edged inside me, still our eyes fixated on each other.

Slowly but deeper he goes until I have taken all of him inside, he move slowly as if to savour every moment and this sets my body off trembling. I move with him trying to encourage the pace, my body wants more but he keeps it slow and precise. My body is overwhelmed by the sensations building and he knows it. He can feel my body tensing with every slow penetration of his cock. I love what i’m feeling, it feels unique and my body is taking over and has a mind of it’s own.

Holiday Romance True Story, Holiday Romance – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by BARBARA RIBEIRO from Pexels

“Let me get on top” I said as we both slide into that position. I start to move gliding back and forth over his cock, I can see he’s enjoying every movement, my pleasure is building again. I’m close and he says “slow down or you will make me cum” “No” I said “I am too close and I need to cum now” vigorously my body moves, I’m on the edge, his hands on each side of my hips now encouraging my rhythm of no return. The explosion, the fireworks it’s all going on as he lets out a groan paralleled to mine, we have both managed to cum within seconds of each other.

I stay seated on his cock for a while just gathering my breath and taking in what has just happened, I notice my dress is now dry and people have been promenading above us. I said “did you know people were walking above us?” “No” he said “can they see us?” ,”I’m not sure” I said and slid off his cock pulling my dress down. Fumbling quickly in my bag for tissues, “I need my panties” as he’s straightening himself out. “No” he said, “I need to keep them to remind me of this special encounter”. How ever much I asked and begged he wouldn’t give them to me lol, He said “at least our clothes are dry and no one will know you haven’t any panties on” as we both brush the sand from our bodies, so, I have to walk with back with no panties on! “Let me walk you back to your hotel” he said, “where are you staying?” he asked I told him the name of the hotel, “thats my hotel too” he said.

Hand in hand we walked back to the hotel chatting and laughing, a kissed goodbye and we agreed would see each-other again. My friend was sat up in bed, we chattered for a while and she told me she wanted to go home, she was home sick.

Holiday Romance True Story, Holiday Romance – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Snow White from Pexels

I explained there was no way she could go home just yet. She told me, she would stay in the room until it was time to go home. Very strange and thats exactly what she did just venturing out for food and returning straight to the room.

I met my holiday romance pretty much every day there after, we were great together and enjoying many adventures. We even sat together on the same flight home vowing to write to each other, which we did for a while but it’s like anything, distance and time gets in the way, things fade until it becomes just a fond memory. What a shame!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, life is a funny thing and you never know where it will take you next…

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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