Interviewing with Technique – True story

Interviewing with Technique – True story

Interviewing with Technique – True story

Interviewing with Technique

True Story

Guest Writer ~ Billy Wizz



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Thanks to Guest writer, Bill Wizz, who sent in this True Story a couple of days ago you will get to read his saucy interviewing Techniques from years ago. I hope you enjoy his True Story and please feel free to leave Billy Wizz any comments you would like to share.

Interviewing with technique, Interviewing with Technique – True story, Full Body Massage Service

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Interviewing with Technique

Many years ago I worked for a high end men’s clothing chain.
We had a programme of internal promotion wherever possible rewarding hard work and commitment.
Years before I had experienced the “internal” interview process when I was around 21. The interview took place in the HR Office with my immediate manager and guess what, she was so sexy and about 20 years older than me. I knew i had the job before the interview but omg she toyed with me just like a pro milf would, she kept crossing her legs and showing her stockings, stroking my leg and being suggestive in her comments. I was terrified, turned on and gagging to f**k her. I guess lucky for us both the interview finished without too much further activity. We left that for the Christmas do, but that’s another story!
About 7 years later it became part of my role to do the interviews.
I was interviewing three colleagues, all ladies and all very good at their job and perfect for promotion.
One by one they came to the HR office I had organised, door locked and window covered with notice “interviews in progress”.
I interviewed the first two colleagues, both presented themselves well and could have done the job however, I was waiting to interview Kirsty. Kirsty was about 5 years older than me and we had already got to know each other on a number of occasions including some knee trembling BJ’s by Kirsty and some amazing sex in the back seat of my car when we both worked on a store refit. She made me hard just looking at her and she knew it!
Kirsty arrived for the interview not in her work uniform but her own clothes, OMG… tight short skirt, white blouse with stunning heels.
The interview started very professional with appropriate questions for the new role all were answered well. It didn’t take long for the interview descended in to filthy chat about what we really wanted while alone in the interview room.
I told Kirsty to undo her blouse and take her breasts out, within in seconds Kirsty had released her stunning breasts and let me suck her nipples. Kirsty asked to see my cock so I obliged by undoing my trousers and stroking my hard cock through my pant, Kirsty reached over to feel it and I grabbed her had hand and pulled her towards me, we kissed deep and long while our tongues explored each other’s mouths.
Interviewing with technique, Interviewing with Technique – True story, Full Body Massage Service
I pulled away, “ I want to see your pussy” I said to Kirsty.
Kirsty sat back in her chair and slowly opened legs, before I could have a dreamy look she closed them again. “That all your seeing” said Kirsty. I got up from my chair and slid over to Kirsty without tripping over my trousers round my ankles. I stood behind Kirsty and slowly kissed her neck, she loved it, gentle teasing kisses while I stretch over and held her breasts. Kirsty started to moan, that was my signal to reach over and place my hand under her skirt. It was only a few seconds before her legs fell open and I saw the tops of her holdups. My hand got higher until it was at the top of her thighs, I placed my hand slowly in to knickers and started to finger her moist pussy. I knew what it would feel like as I’d been there before but not in a locked office.
Kirsty contained her moans as I kissed her neck and played with that tight pussy.
Kirsty spun round in her chair and sat there with her legs open and knickers to one side with her lips hanging out. I sat down again and just looked at her, she knew what I wanted!
Kirsty dropped on to her knees and released my cock from my pants. She gripped my cock tight and pulled down my foreskin to reveal a huge throbbing head to my cock. Kirsty then wrapped her lip around my cock and slowly devoured it in to her throat. I placed my hands on her head, not to push it down but more to run my hands through her hair while she slowly moved up and down on my cock and to control the speed.
I was gagging for Kirsty to take my load and I knew I had a BIG load to give her. Kirsty stroked and sucked my cock until I could not hold back anymore. Trying to control any noise I was making, I unloaded my cum deep in to Kirsty throat, I continued to cum and cum and I heard Kirsty say “OMG” as I drained every last drop from my balls. Kirsty rose up of my cock sucking out the last drop, “I could not swallow another drop, that was a massive load” she said as I leant forward and licked the last drop of her chin.
Kirsty was glowing, I was glowing.
“Well, have I got the job?” Kirsty asked, “Of course you have the “blow job” I said.
Kirsty never let me down and I gave her all the “support” she needed!
Billy Wizz

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