Rabbit moment

Rabbit moment

Rabbit moment

Rabbit Moment

When your horny demons need to play


Morning all,

I had a number of texts yesterday and the majority mentioned how hot it was yesterday, to be honest I didn’t notice it was extreme. Most of my yesterday was spent do jobs in my work room that you don’t get round to doing. I did pop out at 18.30 to M&S to grab a few bits and yes it was fairly warm still at that time.

Rabbit moment, Rabbit moment, Full Body Massage Service

Later as I climbed the stairs for bed, I noticed how the temperature upstairs of my house had built over the day. Fan on, stripped off naked and slid between my white cotton sheets hoping for a good nights sleep. Oh how I miss air-con on nights like those, our homes in the UK are built to keep the heat in not that you would think so in winter.

I was so tired last nigh but the heat has a way of fuelling your horny demons, we all have them inside and just like men, us women have our moments when things need to happen. I wrestled with my demons for what seemed like ages but it was probably only a few minutes before I  succumbed. It was one of those moments when I just needed a quick release, you know what I mean.

Thank god for my rabbit, always hard and ready to deliver, and manages to touch the parts that others can’t… (sounds a bit like the old Heineken advert)

As I lay in my bed within my dimly lit bedroom, I reached for my magic rabbit (always close by) I flicked the switch, hoping the batteries where still good. A sigh of relief as I hear the humming sound intensify as I flick through the options. I didn’t want a prolonged moment. As I said previously, I was tired and needed a quick release, so fast and furious was the chosen option.

The rabbit touched my clit and instantly my fire roared deep inside, my body was so ready. My v-jj was moist and welcoming as my rabbit glided inside…how I love my rabbit! Clit stimulation the same time as penetration, what more could a frustrated horny demon need for a quick release? My rabbit was doing it’s thing with not much help from myself and it didn’t take long before I was close to the eruption I so longed for.

The intensity was great but then you get that feeling that you don’t want to loose and you try and hang onto it for a little longer but, your fighting a loosing battle (i’m sure you have all been there). The climax erupts and is everything I needed and more at that moment.

The bad thing about my rabbit is when you’ve cum and after you have that feeling of don’t touch anymore and I can’t find the off button quickly enough lol

It was defiantly what I needed, I slept like a baby… I think I should play more often 🤣

Rabbit moment, Rabbit moment, Full Body Massage Service

I was going to ask if you ever have moments like mine, but of course you do, we are all human with needs sometimes…

Why not email me a short story of one of your horny moments? I’m sure we would all enjoy the read! Go on, don’t be shy, it’s completely anonymous, just email me at contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk……I’m waiting! 😉

Have a great day people and enjoy the 🌞

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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