Shockingly True memory

Shockingly True memory

Shockingly True memory

Shockingly True Memory 

Shockingly True Memory, Shockingly True memory, Full Body Massage Service

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Morning readers,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather. We have definitely been spoilt with the last few days with great sunshine and a decent temperature too…

My weekend, I have spent it doing another e-course as I can’t finish my waxing course just yet. I need to do the practical side which entails me practicing on people. It’s difficult when you live by yourself, I don’t think my pooch would be very impressed if I practiced on her lol

You know how sometimes your mind just drifts off and before you know it, your recalling situations that happened years ago and there’s no rhyme or reason for it, it just happens. Well, this is something thats a shockingly true memory and it’s a little funny, this really did happen to me.

Shockingly True Memory

This event happen to me years ago, I was only a young teenager but, I can remember this like it was yesterday. As I’ve gotten older I can see the enormity of the situation…

It must have been a Saturday because as a young girl, on Saturdays we would walk into town and meet up with friends grab a milkshake from the Wimpy and if me had enough money, buy that new top we had seen the week before. If we were earlier, we would hang around or pop into a shop while we were waiting for friends.

On this particular day, I must have been early because I remember popping into Tesco to buy a bottle of water. Back then they didn’t have fast checkout, you hand to go through the store and wait in line with the rest of the shoppers. A nightmare if someone had a full trolley.

I was stood inline behind a lady with a child who must have been around 8-10 yrs of age when all of a sudden she started cutting up, saying “mum can I have these sweets” as she puts them on the conveyor belt, “No” the mother said as she puts them back on the stand. The girls voice is getting louder “Mum I want these sweets!” again putting them on the conveyor, “No” as the mother puts them back on the stand. The little girls starts to scream and through herself around as children do when they don’t get their own way. You can see the mother isn’t happy but continues placing her items on the belt. The store is busy and theres 3 or 4 people behind me the same as all the other check outs.

All of a sudden this young girl grabs a hand full of chocolate bars and throws them on the conveyor belt and shouts out “if you don’t let me have these sweets, I will tell daddy I saw you kissing uncle John’s willy!”

The whole store fell silent and I can remember trying to step backward so people didn’t think I was with them… Poor lady, red faced as she quickly paid for her shopping and the chocolate bars and, leaving the store as quickly as possible with all eyes on her. The child was now quiet and happy as she left the store with the chocolate bar firmly in her hand.

The store then erupted with voices, all gossiping about what had just happened and people telling strangers as they joined the cue… People back then just loved to gossip.

I often wonder if the gossip ever reached her husband?

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Thank you for stopping by,

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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