Summer Time Shortages

Summer Time Shortages

Summer Time Shortages

Summer Time Shortages


I’m feeling good… Or I was!

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Good morning all,

Im guessing you are all well and in good spirits. Just a quickie, Have you noticed that certain things are running out in our shops and even from online stores.

My printer packed up a couple of weeks ago after surviving 5 years and as I had lots of ink for my printer I wanted to replace it with a new printer that used 604 ink cartridges. After surfing and surfing, I discovered Hp do not make any printers these days compatible with my stock of 604 cartridges. Extremely annoying and reading through the comments i’m not the only one annoyed by this, it’s just another way to make more money I guess!

Getting back to the point, I had to buy a new printer so I found what I was looking for only to discover when I placed my order it was out of stock. Sue is now on a mission to try and find my chosen printer but, every store/online store was out of stock so I compromised and again everything I chose was out of stock or, not unless you wanted to pay an inflated price by double and in some cases tripled.

I wouldn’t have minded paying a little more but not ridiculous amounts that they were asking for. I had to settle for a very cheap printer and thought well, as long as it does the job and gets me out of trouble it will do. It arrived yesterday and omg, what a bloody nightmare having to download software etc etc just so I could get on and print, it took a good 2hrs to sort-out.

I popped to the shop yesterday as I needed to pick up a couple of things, one being caster sugar and there wasn’t a grain insight, the same for Backing powder, gelatine, ink cartridges for my new printer and the list is endless. I needed these things so I went to another store and again nothing and then another store and again the same, nothing?

What am I missing, we were told that if we only buy what we need then our shops would not run out of anything but, they most definitely are. Is it the virus having an impact on our supply chain (which you would thing would be sorted after 3 months) or, is it something to do with Brexit and us not being bullied by the European union to accept any deal? I don’t know but, I do know that shortages are definitely happening, wether online or in-store.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why and whats going on please. Surly in 2020 this isn’t the way we now have to continue to live, not being able to purchase something as simple as caster sugar or even Ink that I now need…

I would really appreciate some answers from anyone who knows. Thanks

Thank you for putting up with my moans lol

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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