Welsh Border – True Story

Welsh Border – True Story

Welsh Border – True Story

Welsh Border

True Story


Hello people,

Beautiful blue skies at last, the birds are singing…. It’s going to be a good day!

My phone has been busy the last couple of days, I think so many of us are fed-up with the way we having been living the last months and we all just want to try and find some normality again.

Welsh Border, Welsh Border – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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Sunday wouldn’t be complete without family, friends or a roast dinner… A roast dinner is defiantly on the cards for me today, I can’t remember the last time I cooked a roast. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it lol

What every your day brings I hope it’s a good one with much laughter.

My short story is another adventure of many with Steve, I hope you enjoy reading this small chapter of many, one step at a time on my journey through life.

Welsh Border

The trip too Wales started about 10am, Steve had borrowed a van from a friend to store some things at his mothers home and he had asked me if I would travel with him. Of course I was going with him, when love is new, you don’t want to miss a moment.

Steve arrived to pick me up and greeted me with his cheeky smile, a huge hug and a few kisses and then we were on our way. The first port of call was to fill up and grab a Costa.

It was a typical English day with a combination of weather to keep us on our toes as we trundled along the motorways. We both loved the same music, cranking the volume up and singing along with my hand placed upon his leg and, many a cheeky glance and grin came from Steve as my hand wouldn’t stay still.

Steve wasn’t the best of drivers, only passing his test a few years previously, he still had the boy racer syndrome inside him but, luckily for me, vans aren’t boy racer material lol.

A couple of hours or so into the journey, what with night before being a late one, the motion and droning sounds of the van, I dosed off for a while and was gently woken as Steve pulled into a petrol station for a pit stop. It seemed like a good idea to freshen up a little and stretch my legs before it was time to finish the final leg of our journey.

We both jumped back in the van a few more kisses and off we went, my hand again on Steves leg, stroking it up and down in a loving motion. longer strokes came naturally as my hand went higher, a glancing smile came from Steve as I started to tease with my strokes.

Welsh Border, Welsh Border – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

A few minutes later, I started to rub him gently and to my delight he grew instantly but, constrained by his jeans. I decided the only thing was to help out. I unfastened his jeans and pulled his cock up to a more comfortable position, I had his cock in my hand and it would have been rude not to play and tease a little, all the while Steve is trying to keep his eyes on the road ahead.

The more I teased him the more I wanted him in my mouth, I moved closer and slid under his arms, my lips now against his cock, my tongue teasing him before I opened up to taste him, taking him in my mouth I began to suck sliding up and down slowly. Steve had slowed down and said “quick get up a truck is overtaking us.”

Our journey was almost at an end as we reached the Welsh boarder, a beautiful vision of green covered hills surrounded us. Still with Steves cock firmly in my hand, he then pulls into a lay-by, stops, doesn’t say a word, pulls his t-shirt over his unfastened jeans and gets out and walks round to me. He opens the door and takes my hand encouraging me out and takes me in his arms and, kisses me passionately while unfastening my jeans.

Sliding his hand down to my v-jj he says “ah you want me?” “yes” i replied in between lot’s of hot passionate kisses. With my door still open, I lent across the seat as Steve pulled my jeans and panties down just enough to reach my v-jj.

It was wild and exciting, we couldn’t really be seen as the cars wizzed by us but it was the thought of seizing the moment in front of the world. Steves cock didn’t need any encouraging, sliding deep into my wet and wanting v-jj. It was fast and furious, in and out he pumped vigorously again and again, Steve holding back until he made me cum before he erupted inside me.

We were both on the same page, it had to be quick, we didn’t want to be headliners in the evening newspaper “cheeky couple stop for a quickie on the Welsh boarder” it wasn’t something we wanted.

Tidying ourselves up we climbed back into the van and continued our journey. Trepidation started to set in, I was going to meet his mother for the first time…Would she know that we had just stopped for a quickie?

Welsh Border, Welsh Border – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story, some of the best memories happen when you least expect them…

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Welsh Border, Welsh Border – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Welsh Border, Welsh Border – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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