Blue Eyes – True story.

Blue Eyes – True story.

Blue Eyes – True story.

Blue Eyes


True story



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It’s going to be a very hot one today so make sure you drink plenty and for those of you who like to run, Don’t do it in these crazy temperatures. You can easily experience dehydration and heat exhaustion. A great day for a stroll along the beach front for those of you who don’t have to work and grabbing a Mr Whippy ice cream but, you have to have the flake as well lol.

One of my True stories of a meet with a man who has beautifully piercing blue eyes. An encounter I have found difficult to forget but, why would I want to forget such a great experience….

Enjoy the the sun!

Blue eyes - true story, Blue Eyes – True story., Full Body Massage Service
Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

Blue Eyes

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a gent in his mid 30’s, an entrepreneur in his field and he was of average height and very dashing to say the least. The suit he was wearing seemed to fit his frame perfectly as if it had been tailored to his physic, with jet black wavy hair, a golden tan and piercings blue eyes met mine as I opened the door. His smile and easy going nature took me by surprise as we chattered and there seemed to be an instant chemistry happening.

Obviously I was professional and went about massaging his golden firm body and telling myself to stop being stupid, this man was way too young for me. I had ventured into a relationship with Steve years before who was 7 years younger and ended up with my heart broken so knowing how that ended, I immediately put the ridiculous idea out of my head. What an earth was I thinking, this man was just being nice to a mature lady.

I continued my professional sensual full body massage and put the idea out of my head. We chatted a lot and laughed hard together. It was time for him to turn over and those beautiful eyes were staring back at me, he was very suggestive telling me how he found a classy mature lady very attractive and if he saw me out he would approach me.

It was all very flattering but I still maintained my professionalism even though I could feel my complexion colouring under his comments. His hand rested upon my thigh as I sat on the side of the bed and his fingers eventually played with my stocking tops as I listened to more wonderful comments flow from his untamed mouth.

The massage had come to an end we talked some more and he said he would be back the next time he was in my area with a twinkle in his eye.

during the weeks after, many texts followed with many wonderful comments and one especially sticks in my mind – “I want to take you out of your world and into mine”, now thats flattery.

An appointment was arranged and I found myself looking forward to our next meet.

I opened the door and there he was again suited and booted and looking just as good as he did on our first meet. He embraced me and gently kissed me as if I had been missed and upstairs we went to my studio.

He was very happy and sure of himself, he’d had a great day business wise and I was his last port of call before retiring to his hotel. He undressed and laid down and we chatted about his day. Eventually it was time to turn over but he sat up and pulled me close and kissed me passionately. Omg it felt wonderful to be wanted and desired but what have I done…

I made a snap decision to enjoy the moment and went with it, he was a single guy and I was extremely flattered and secretly I wanted him too.

I kissed him back as his hands found the edge of my slip and pulled it up and over my head, his hands exploring my body and unclipped my bra allowing my boobs freedom. His lips kissed my nipples gently and within seconds my nipples were erect displaying my excitement.

Coaxing me to lay down, he knelt and slowly removed my panties all the while his piercing blue eyes were firmly looking into mine and I could see the glee on his face as he lowered himself to my v-jj. He took his time gently kissing all around, awakening my body to the tingling sensations of wanting before his tongue introduced it’s self to my clit.

My body moved with pleasure as he licked and teased my clit and gently sliding his finger inside my very wet and wanting v-jj. He had all the right moves and certainly understood a woman’s body. From know where, I was on the brink of climax. I asked him to slow down telling him I was on the edge and wanted to feel him inside me.

sitting up he pulled my legs so my v-jj met his throbbing cock and with a couple of attempts he was inside me, he felt amazing as he glided back and forth inside me. My hand clenched the towel I was laying on as he took me to another place. Now laying on top of me, he moved faster our body’s now in sink as my v-jj meets every thrust. My hands on his body and digging in as the pleasure consumes me. Are you close he says? I’m on the edge! Faster and faster his cock glides, i’m cumming I yell and with that he fills me up with pleasure.

Exhausted he collapsed on top of me, we lay like that for a while before we lay on our sides facing each other chatting and he said, not in his wildest dreams did he think that would ever happen…

Blue eyes - true story, Blue Eyes – True story., Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Thank you for taking 5 and reading my True Story, Im sure you all have stories of your own. Please share your stories with myself and my readers in the knowledge of complete anonymity. Don’t be shy, I/we would love to read them!

All your comments are always welcome, good or bad because without them I don’t know if I’m on the right track. Email your comments or suggestions to Thx.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Blue eyes - true story, Blue Eyes – True story., Full Body Massage Service
Blue eyes - true story, Blue Eyes – True story., Full Body Massage Service

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