Covid-19 24/05/20

Covid-19 24/05/20

Covid-19 24/05/20

Covid-19 24/05/20

You must come to your own conclusions 


Good morning

I hope this post finds you all well and in a good place this morning. The sun is out the wind has gone it’s going to be a hot day so have fun and prepare your BBQ for later.

There are many theories going around with suggestions from friends etc to do this or try that to help ones self if you have suspected covid-19 symptoms.

I was talking to my parents on Sunday who are living in Thailand, I’m not sure if your aware of this but Asia and Thiland in particular is were they always seem to try out new drugs and in their own communities. For example, they were treating HIV successfully for many years before it reached the western world.

My parents and I were talking about covid-19 symptoms and my dad turns around and said “the Chonburi province, for the last 60 days has been clear of covid-19”. thats great I said “how has this been achieved”

  • They enforced a lock down for a few weeks
  • They then rounded up anybody with symptoms and quarantined them
  • It was and still is compulsory to wear a face mask when you leave your home
  • Every time you needed to go to the supermarket your temperature was taken and if found to be on the high side you could not gain entrance and your details were taken. This is still enforced today.
  • You can not gain entrance to any shop, restaurant unless your temperature is taken

My Dad then went on to say they have a cure for covid-19, I said “Dad, no country in the world has a cure for covid-19” and he reiterated that people have been prescribed 300mg of Aspirin twice and covid-19 symptoms disappear. I said “dad, I haven’t heard about this and if it was true then the whole world would know about it.” His reply was, just think of how many people for years died of HIV around the world when HIV sufferers in Thailand were living normal lives. He then went on to say, I felt like you, questioning this but your mum and I were out in a restaurant a week ago when we started chatting to a husband and wife and they explained that they had covid-19 symptoms and took the Aspirin dose as told and 24hr later they were symptom free.

What could I say, yes I am aware people with HIV had been successfully treated years before the drugs reached the western world and my Dad was so sure of his words, it seemed feasible that this was true, for-sure my parents believed it was true.

After our 2 hours video call I thought about this and decided to see if I could find any research on Aspirin in Thailand for a cure of Covid-19. I couldn’t find anything specific to Thailand but this is what I found~

In summary, the early use of aspirin in covid-19 patients, which has the effects of inhibiting virus replication, anti-platelet aggregation, anti-inflammatory and anti-lung injury, is expected to reduce the incidence of severe and critical patients, shorten the length of hospital duration and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular complications.

To view the full study click the link below

Although this study isn’t using the amount of Aspirin my Dad talks about and it doesn’t mention a cure, it seems to me that there is definitely truth in what my dad was saying. He urged me to go out and but some Aspirin, just incase I need it.

You must all come to your own conclusion about this but I felt compelled to share this just incase it could help save someones life. We are never told the whole truth about anything, just enough to keep us going until we ask another question.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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