December Tale – True story

December Tale – True story

December Tale – True story

December Tale

True Story



Good Morning readers,

Go and make yourself a cuppa and draw up a chair, this could take a while lol

My story is a little erotic and naughty and hopefully I have given you enough detail for you to get lost and envision my sweet lustful memory.

Feedback is always great to have, no-matter if it’s good or bad, I would like to hear from you. Comments are open or send me a text. Thx

December Tale

It’s December and I woke up one morning in the early hours, it was deadly silent and the room seemed brighter than normal. I stumbled across to the window to see were this light was coming from and gazing out, I could see a fresh covering of snow.

Excitedly, like a child, I ran down stairs missing a few steps on the way, almost breaking my neck and into my kitchen. I had 3 huge picture windows on 3 aspects, with views all around my garden.

I would often stand at one of these windows for ages, watching and catching glimpses of the Muntjacs, and the abundance of wildlife which would daily come and go.

December Tale - True Story, December Tale – True story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Liliya Grek on Unsplash

In my haste to get down stairs, I must have been fairly noisy because 5 minutes later I felt a warm embrace and a nuzzles against my neck. I hadn’t heard John rise, I was too busy lost in the splendid vision before me.

As you have gathered, I luv the snow, especially when it’s just fallen and everything is silent. It always seems so virginal, romantic and untouched by man. For me, it’s always like a new beginning and at that point anything is possible.

John and I stood their snuggled up for sometime just taking in the beauty of the snowy landscape. My garden was huge so there was plenty to see and then we saw the stunning orange coat of the resident fox, jumping and playing in the far corner against the hedgerow.

Felling warm inside with a glowing feeling of happiness, I turned to look at John and I could see he was feeling it too. Shall we go outside? I said and immediately he kissed me and said let’s do this.

On with my fur-lined wellies, my parker and not a lot else we opened the kitchen door, The cold air took my breath away, it was deathly quiet, just the sound of the snow crunching beneath our feet.

It was magical, the snow glistening like diamonds under the moonlight sky.

Stealing a kiss before a grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at John, a small splattering hitting him in the face, he was so shocked but oh how I laughed. He shouted you’re in trouble now, as I ran further into the garden with John hot on my trail. As I turned, he thew a massive hand full of snow catching me in the face lol. As I tried to run away, I slipped and fell over into the snow, John reached out his hand to help me up but I pulled him hard, loosing his footing on the bank he too fell over.

We laughed and laid gazing into each others eyes, not another word was said as he lent in to kiss me passionately. His nose was cold but his lips were hot and inviting, I kissed him back just as passionately and with intent of showing him how much I wanted him.

His icy hands slipped under my parker and held on to my cheeks as I slid to sit on top of him I could feel his cock grow under his track bottoms as I rubbed my bare v-jj against him. John unzipped my parker exposing my boobs to the brisk air. Instantly my nipples became erect coupled by his hands.

I leaned forward so John could lick and kiss my nipples mmm, and then I felt his hand slide over my cheek towards my v-jj. His hand was cold to the touch but somehow made it all the more exciting as his fingers edged closer to my wanting v-jj.

Encountering the juices from my v-jj, Johns fingers were able to glide across to my clit with ease and causing my internal fire to roar with excitement. Moments later, although it felt great, it wasn’t enough, I wanted more.

I shuffled my knees further into the snow completely oblivious of how cold it was and sat hovering above his mouth. I could see John eyes widen with glee as his hot breath engulfed my v-jj. Within moments my legs were trembling, his tongue hitting my magic spot with every lick and gentle suck he made.

It didn’t take long with Johns technique before I reached for the stars, panting and wanting more.

I slid down his body aware thats his cock was still hard and throbbing for action. I pulled at his track bottoms and instantly Johns cock bounced into the cool air. He jumps at my cold hand that directs his cock to my mouth.

I licked and circled the head of his cock with my tongue, I could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum. John lets out a groan as my tongue travels down his shaft and I nibble gentle at his balls. Back up I travel and take him in my mouth with my cold hand gently moving in-sink with my mouth.

I’m sucking his cock like its a Kojak lollipop, I want him on the edge… I can see his face and he’s loving it!

I abruptly stop and shuffle forward to take his cock in my v-jj, I want him inside me. I can feel his throbbing cock is as hard as rock as my wet v-jj takes him in slowly, sliding down his shaft.

John takes hold of my cheeks with his cold hands as I start to ride him. My boobs start bounce around in the cool air and John grabs them and teases my nipples. Hard and fast, his cock slides in and out of my wet v-jj. Johns again grips my cheeks firmly as he encourages our rhythm.

I can feel his cock touching my inner happy spot while my clit encounter his body while sliding up and down his shaft time and time again. John says slow down or i’m gonna cum, but I don’t listen, he twists his body and I fall to one side. I’m now submissive.

John quickly moves to his knees, puts his arm under my tummy lifting and pulling my rear end close. My cheeks pointing to the stars and my face in the snow, his cock immediately finds it’s way home to my v-jj.

With a thrust, he’s deep inside me and again his hands are firmly on my cheeks. His rhythm feels great and I start to move to meet his cock with his every thrust. John takes my hair and tugs on it, I’m his.

His pace has fastened, i’m so close now. I feel him smack one of my cheeks and then again, just enough to push me over the edge, and letting out a cry as I climaxing all over his cock. John feels the excitement of my climax and thrust faster and faster. Moments later I hear him let out a deep groan and he fills me full of his sweet cum.

Within seconds of climaxing the cold rushes in against our bodies. We were both oblivious to the cold while we were in the throes of passion, but now, we were both seriously shaking with cold.

Stumbling to gain control of our jelly legs against the snow, we both rushed inside laughing at how naughty we’ve just been and straight into a hot shower together!

This story hasn’t finished and maybe I will share the rest of it another day. A special memory of mine and every-time it snows, I always have a smile as I recall the lustful memories of that cold snowy morning.

Have fun and build yourself a lustful memory…

I would luv to hear your True Stories, I think it’s time for someone out there to send me a naughty story, don’t you think? Who is brave enough, obviously this is completely anonymous and goes without saying that discretion is paramount. Don’t leave me waiting too long, a lady needs a saucy story every now and then 😊

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Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

December Tale - True Story, December Tale – True story, Full Body Massage Service
December Tale - True Story, December Tale – True story, Full Body Massage Service

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  1. Love this story and reminds me of a similar encounter I had with 2 ladies – my only time with a threesome. I came home one night to my lesbian neighbours laughing and joking in the garden next door – they had a hot tub in the garden and regularly used it naked. On this occasion they were drinking wine /Prosecco and I opened my back bedroom window before planning to have a shower and they kept calling me. Eventually I went to the window and they said are you coming round for some fun. I kept saying I was busy but they said go on just for a drink – in the end I gave in and went round. They were obviously worse for wear and again naked I grabbed a beer and they kept trying to get me in the tub – after a load of asks I finally agreed and in my shorts got in. The kept giggling and kissing each other then kept trying to grope me which was quite a turn on. Bella then grabbed my shorts and started trying to tug them off so I thought why not?? I let her and then Susan grabbed my stiff cock and said you know you want to. They started sucking each other’s tits and licking nipples which was very exciting. Then Susan went down on me and gave me the best blow job ever – i was nearly nearly coming. Bella lifted her ass and turned showing everything she had to me and said go on take me. I went towards her and entered her and Susan went in front of Bella so that she could be licked out. Susan quickly started groaning and that brought me to a massive intense climax. Then Bella and Susan swapped places so that Bella could be teased and licked and Susan gave me the chance to f**k her which took a bit longer but I eventually obliged. 20 mins later I left and had my shower not believing what had took place. It’s happened a couple of times more before they moved away Amazing what can happen 😊

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