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Are you curious about Dogging and would like to know more?

What is Dogging?

There are many various descriptions of Dogging on the internet, I think the easiest way to describe dogging is where people have sex of all variations in a public place, often with strangers, and allow other people to watch or join in.

Dogging fist came about in the 70″s and as far as i’m aware the UK was the first place to kick start it off, over the years it has become a common pass time and a hive of activity if you know where to look. There aren’t many towns in the UK were at some point in time this hasn’t gone on.

Dogging now seems to have crossed the globe with many countries participating in this activity.

Dogging and my curious mind again

The summer of 2018, a friend had asked me if I had ever been dogging? I had heard of it but didn’t know too much about it so he explained to me what it was about. I didn’t believe him at first but he assured me it was true, ok he said “if you don’t believe me, lets go one evening and you can see for yourself”.

My curious mind, it has got me into some situations over the years but I agreed, the curiosity was immense.

We arranged a Friday night as more people would be out, he said. I was picked up at 8.30 and we drove to a few place he knew showing me the areas and grabbing a McDonalds to eat at the chosen location.

Now parked, I’m happily munching away and vehicles pull in and park, not close to us but all around and now I’m fixated and trying to eat as well as see what happening. Apparently theres a code of conducted to all of which at this point I do not know about.

Sitting in the dark I managed to drop some of the filling from my burger and reached for the curtsey light to see where it went, my friend shouts NO as I switched it on. Looking completely dumbfounded I replied whats wrong? He quickly turned the light off and explained that turning the interior light switched on was a signal to others that you want to play.

Now panicked, I sat very still and quiet to watch what was to unfold. A car the other side of the carpark opened its door and someone got out and lite up a cigarette and just started to stretch his legs or so I thought. A couple more doors opened and people got out and started to chat.

My friend was turning around and looking all around the car when he said “don’t panic but there’s someone beside you” I turned my head to look and yes, there was a guy with his willy out at my window and then another and another. To be honest it seemed that willies were everywhere and I felt a little intimidated.

My friend got out of the car and explained what had happened, a friendly bunch of guys, they had a laugh and seemed to understand and my friend returned to the car. “Now do you believe me” he said as another car pulls in, this time there are 2 people inside. The car parks up and within a few minutes they have flashed their  head light and the passenger door opens giving off a light from the interior.

It’s a couple inside and I see her put her legs out of the car and lay with her head in her partners lap. In seconds there are guys shacking their willies, obviously to make them hard and one man approaches their car. I see him lean into the car to speak for 2 seconds, he then stands up proceeds to put a condom on and away he goes with a few waiting their turn.

It was certainly an eye opener and a lesson learned, I like to watch so for me it was entertaining. I don’t  judge people so if thats what they like then thats up to them, just be careful.


How did Dogging get Its name?

There are a number of explanations for Dogging, with the main term arising from ‘walking the dog’ where people out walking with their pet would encounter strangers having sex in secluded locations.

Alternatively, another suggestion was that the term is derived from ‘peeping toms’, who would follow or ‘dog’ couples hoping to watch them have sex.

Dogging, Dogging, Full Body Massage Service

What are the rules?

An innocent passers-by should beware – it’s easy to give all the wrong signals in a darkened car park.

As far as I can find out, here are the rules of dogging

    • Park in a visible spot (normally a known lay-by or Carpark)
    • Flash your headlights or brake lights to let others know you are willing to participate
    • To invite onlookers (voyeurs) to approach – leave your interior light on or mobil
    • Window down half way means you could encounter a little fumble
    • window down all the way could means touching and oral
    • Opening your car door, invites people to participate in protected sex or sexual acts
    • The golden rule is always to be patient, polite, use a different name and always have your own supply of condoms


Dogging, Dogging, Full Body Massage Service

Who goes Dogging?

All types of people go dogging from your van driver to your Bank manager. Predominately you will see single men in their cars hoping and waiting for a couple to turn up and occasionally you will see a lady turn up to view or join in. Occasionally transvestites, gay or you might encounter Lesbians as Dogging is open to all.

It’s know that sometimes husband and wives turn up looking to spice up there sex life, either to be watched or invite onlookers to participate.


If you decide to venture out and try this please be aware that you have to be careful. This is the current situation in the UK, as far as I’m aware-

There are laws that protect members of the public from being unwilling witnesses to sexual behaviour or from being harassed or intimidated in their use of public spaces or facilities.

“Sex or sexual acts in public toilets, parks or places where other passers-by may be offended is illegal.”

Thank you for reading this post, if by chance I have something wrong or have missed something out, please leave your comment below.

As always, take care of you and yours

Sue x

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  1. Wow Sue, you really do your homework when writing these blogs!
    My sex education classes at school could have done with you in charge. I would be so much wiser now if you had been!
    Keep it up/going as I really enjoy reading such informative pieces you write daily on here.

    • Hi Pete
      Yes I try to relay the facts…
      Haha sex education… it’s all trial and error lol
      Thanks for your comments, you’ve brought a smile to my face 😊
      Sue x

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