Hello – Waxing

Hello – Waxing

Hello – Waxing

Hello – Waxing

Good morning,

I had a very busy afternoon yesterday, cutting my grass front and back, shaping my boarders (the grass not me 🤣), trimming trees and hedges and then tidying up my 2 parking spaces in the car park. Now I have 2 white stripes where my straps of my top sat, I had to wear something or I would have been arrested… It was really hard and hot work, my back is paying the price this morning. The saying is “who massages the masseuse”? lol

Just a quickie, I was doing my morning ritual, topping up my pond and feeding the fish when I noticed frog/toad heads popping out of my pond. I already knew I had a frog but when I looked closer, I noticed there were 4 frogs. 3 are a fairly good size and one smaller. My pond is very small, approximately 50litres, I added to my garden when I moved in as I like fish and the sound of moving water, I find it very calming.

As my pond is very small, reading up, I should only have between 4 and 5 fish in my pond to thrive, I have 4. I’m wondering because of the size of my pond and now with an extra 4 residents (frogs) will my pond be too crowded for my fish to survive?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the thought of my pond having so much wildlife but my pond is primarily for my fish…

Any advise would be welcomed and gratefully received.

Also, don’t forget that I am taking forward bookings from the 6th July, there a couple of spaces still remaining and all being well, things should return to some sort of normality.

Hello - waxing, Hello – Waxing, Full Body Massage Service


Is there anyone out there who would be interested in being a test subject for me? Obviously it would be F.O.C.

Hello - waxing, Hello – Waxing, Full Body Massage Service


Full Leg front and back

Half Leg

Bikini Line


Landing Strip

Under Arms








Full Brazilian (Scrotum, Apron-pubic bone, Shaft, Butt strip)

Half Brazilian (Scrotum, Apron, shaft)

Apron & Shaft


Butt Strip

Full Legs

Please give me a call on 07504937253 for an informal chat regarding waxing…. Thank you 😊

Have a great day and as always, take care or you and yours,

Sue x

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