Good morning,

Its been raining for hours now…. A great day for the garden and ducks but I would prefer the sunshine.

I have had some response for waxing which is good news and most appreciated but, now I need some ladies please. I am insured and will be using all the correct products and equipment with high standards as always. Gents, if you know of any ladies who would be interested in a free waxing session please spread the word.

Update, Update, Full Body Massage Service

Also, I will need a couple of test subjects for my Hot Stone Massage, both course I have past the theory test so you have piece of mind that I know what i’m doing and again, this treatment will be free of charge.

Please just give me a call if you are interested, many thanks.

I have a busy day getting my work room sorted as I have a massage/therapists couch being delivered tomorrow. My poor single bed was looking a little tatty around the edges and it was definitely time for an upgrade.

Bookings for the week commencing the 6th July is now proving popular, don’t miss out!

There has definitely been a lack of Trivia, Stories, Questions for Sue’s Agony Post etc. coming through. Have you all decided to abandon me in times of troubles? Come on people, please continue to send me your bits and pieces because I really luv receiving your content.

Ok, it’s that time to get down and dirty and sort my work room out…. keep it clean people….lol

Keep smiling and have a great day.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

Please send all your content via email to contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk  I’m waiting 🤣

The Subscription Plan will allow you to gain entry to my VIP gallery for your viewing pleasure. Thank you for your continued support x


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