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Good morning all,

It’s the weekend again, is it me or are the days wizzing by… not living from day to day but when I look back I keep asking myself where has this year gone!

I wonder what you’ve all got planned today? my day is going to be filled with washing, yes, my new washing machine is coming today thank god and they are going to fit it. That’s a result! Not too exciting but needs must.

Neighbours are coming together today to tidy my car parking area up, giving them something to do as the maintenance company always neglects this area. The past couple of years it’s been just myself cutting back the foliage to the entrance so, this is welcomed by me greatly even though I didn’t instigate it. It’s great to see how people have changed since the lockdown and come together!

Since I have lived here, I have asked a number of people to give me a quote to pave a little area out by my bins. In the winter, I have to walk through the soggy grass to fill my bins, getting muddy etc. Many people have said “yes I can do that and I will give you a price” but nobody ever comes back to me. Talk is cheap and lots of people like to talk the talk but theirs not many people who are true to their words. I live in hope that someone will come back to me…

Oh well people, it’s another glorious day so what ever you have planned, I hope it’s filled with much fun!


Knickers is a funny subject but I think it’s something to talk about. There are so many styles of ladies knickers on the market in array of colours and fabrics it’s hard to choose and get it right. For ladies with every outfit she wears, there is always the correct knickers to wear to complement her look. Whether we are talking about sexy bedroom antics or the office look, getting your knicker right says a lot.

A ladies knicker draw should be full of different styles and colours. Here are a few to think about…

  1. Brazilian
  2. Slob knickers
  3. Thong/string/crotchless
  4. Panties
  5. Invisible
  6. Lace
  7. Satin/Silk
  8. Cotton
  9. French knickers
  10. Tummy flatteners

Depending on your adventure, this will generally dictate which knickers a lady chooses to wear. I bet men never gave this a second thought… Being a women and getting the right look isn’t easy.

If she’s off to the gym then most ladies will choose their comfortable knickers, some will wear a thong.

If she’s wearing that little black number then you probably, she will choose her matching sexy bra and panties set to make her feel special and feminine.

She has decided to wear a pair of tailored trousers and want to feel feminine but still want that smooth look, then you cant beat French knickers. Commonly worn years ago but nowadays, ladies just wear Brazilians or a thong.

Maybe you just want to get down and naughty with your partner, it’s possible you will choose the whole caboodle, thong, suspenders, bra or maybe a sexy body holding all your wobbly bits in place.

The key to making you look and feel good in any knickers you choose to wear so, you don’t get those horrible lines or the Mitchelin effect is the size you wear. Many ladies choose to wear their knickers snuggly with doesn’t give them a good look or shape. No matter how large or small you are, it will emphasise her wobbly bits if the size isn’t right. Yes, your man says he loves your wobbly bits but I know you don’t and don’t want to be reminded of them when you’re trying to look good and feel sexy.

Here are a few different looks.

So, in all ladies, if you’re wearing certain knickers for work or just to please your man, make sure you wear the correct size, buying a size larger than your normal clothes size will make you looking amazing. You never know, your man might treat you to some new undies after seeing this post…

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Take care of you and your,

Sue x

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