Micky Blue Eyes – True Story

Micky Blue Eyes – True Story

Micky Blue Eyes – True Story

Micky Blue Eyes

A True Story

A story of lust and passion with a man who’s Blue Eyes saw through to my sole and sees the real me.


Micky Blue Eyes - True Story, Micky Blue Eyes – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Magoi from Pexels

Micky Blue Eyes

Many months ago, before Covid-19 I received a call from a new client, we chattered for some time and through our conversation I had formed an opinion of this gent. Charming, Intelligent, professional and above all, he seemed caring with his soft tones. He wasn’t from my area but wasn’t a million miles away either, we agreed to meet the next time he was in my area.

A few weeks later, another conversation took place from Mr Micky Blue Eyes. His first words were, “do you remember me and our previous conversation”? How could I not, he had made such a lasting impression with his soft charming tones. An appointment was made.

I entered the date and time in my diary and to be honest, I didn’t think anymore about it and continued with daily life. Day in and day out, working as I do, having the pleasure of meeting lovely people on a regular basis that I find very interesting and charming in their own individual ways. We are all unique and different, but we all have something special to bring to the table.

It was a mid afternoon appointment when I opened the door to greet my new client. Walking towards me was this strapping man, very handsome and with the bluest eyes I have every seen. To be honest, he kind of took my breath away! Always professional, I greeted him and his soft tones replied and with a charming smile to add.

Chatting away like old friends, we then got on to the appointment, he placed my money on the side and I asked him to remove his clothing. I felt a little embarrassed as his blue eyes continued to stare at me as he removed his clothes and I found myself nervously looking away and trying to look very busy.

Face down, I start to massage his body with hot oils and we continued chatting away, talking about everything and anything. He compliments me on my massage skills and said, I have a wonderful touch. Beaming from ear to ear from his remarks, I politely asked him to turn over.

His tender kiss was amazing, sultry, suggestive and I found myself kissing him back in the same way. Professionalisms and boundaries came flooding into my mind and I did eventually and politely gently push him back down on the couch, even though I felt the rush of chemistry between us.

Now he’s faced up with those Blue eyes were watching me as I massaging his chest. I couldn’t contain myself and had to comment on his eyes,  they were so blue and you would think he was wearing violet blue contacts. He said, everybody comments my eyes and i’m NOT wearing contacts- he chuckles.

I have now started the Tantric Motion, his body instantly responds to my touch as my hands work tirelessly in different directions. He asks if its ok to touch my leg as i’m standing, performing my technique. Yes, I reply, and proudly i’m being very professional.

His fingers gently stroke my stocking top, slowly edging up towards the side of my panties in a respectful manner and asking if this was ok. Mr Micky Blue eyes sits up and kisses me, normally if this was to happen I would gently and politely push my client back down to the couch immediately.

The Tantric motion was now at the peak and his body was ready to finish, his blue eyes fixated on me and melting me from the inside as he finished.

Once he was dressed, we chatted for ages and he apologised if he had over stepped the line, and then he was gone.

Micky Blue Eyes - True Story, Micky Blue Eyes – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

I hopped I would hear from him again and I didn’t have to wait too long before he sent me a text saying he had a fantastic time and wanted to see me again. A week later and Mr. Blue eyes was knocking at my door again, this time he had booked for an hour.

Just like before, going through all the motions of greeting, undressing and massaging, we were both somewhat bewildered by the chemistry between us.

His gentle touch, stroking the side of my body on top of my slip started sending pulses of pleasure through my body as I continued to massage him. My body started to tremble as his hand found contact with the soft skin of my inner thigh. He sat up again and stares with his Blues eyes directly into mine for a few moments before his lips meet mine.

I felt the rush of chemistry, my pulse racing, my body wanting and giving into the passion he was giving. My professional mojo had abandon me, all my morals had vanished and found myself lost in lust, a stolen moment of unadulterated pleasure.

Finding myself naked and in his arms as he started to explore my body with gentle kisses, I found myself gasping for air as his kisses touched my inner thigh. His tongue now in play and the pleasure his giving catapults me to a different stratosphere. His tongue knew how to dance around my v-jj teasing me and turning me into a trembling mess. At last his tongue meets my clit with precise aerobatics of gently thrusts and licking, trembling uncontrollably as he sends me to climax.

My body is rigid and jerking as he ventures up my body with his hard cock, kissing me again gently sends more shivers of desire through my body as he pushes his cock slowly into my welcoming wet v-jj.

Inch by inch he enters me until there is no more space available for him. His kisses are of passion and desire as our hot bodies are intwined for the duration. For a few moments they behaved as if we were a long lost couple, knowing each others moves and how to respond. We were in sink moving against each other to get the best pleasure for both of us. His gentle thrusts sent pulses of pleasure rushing through my body and it wasn’t long before I was lost in a trembling mess.

The more he glides into my v-jj with his gentle thrusts, the more I wanted him. He was like a drug, I couldn’t seem to get enough. He senses my desire for more and starts to trust harder.

The pace is faster and more vigorous, his eyes now staring directly into mine as if he could see through into my soul. A haunting feeling, he see the real me and kisses me gently as if he understand all that he has seen.

My pleasure has reached new heights, I can’t help it, my nails dig deep into his back, a small way of releasing my overflowing want. His breath is fast and deep as he thrusts harder and harder and i’m taking all that he can give. Are bodies are as one and in seconds we simultaneously give in completely to our pleasure, unable to stop whats inevitable as we climax and climax….

We lay quietly in each others arms for a few moments catching our breaths and as I return back to this planet, the enormity of whats just happened kicks in.

I reassure myself that I’m a grown up and can handle this, we were both consenting adults and after all it felt amazing!

It was just a moment in a lifetime, but if the truth was to be told, one that under different circumstances and in another lifetime I would happily revisit daily.

A wonderful memory for when I’m sat on my porch old and grey 😊

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Take care of your and yours,

Sue x

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Micky Blue Eyes - True Story, Micky Blue Eyes – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Micky Blue Eyes - True Story, Micky Blue Eyes – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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