Sue’s Agony Posts 22

Sue’s Agony Posts 22

Sue’s Agony Posts 22

Sue's Agony Posts 22, Sue’s Agony Posts 22, Full Body Massage Service


Sue's Agony Posts 22, Sue’s Agony Posts 22, Full Body Massage Service

Sue’s Agony Posts

Hello readers,

Thanks to LisaRose, I am back with Sue’s Agony Post with an interesting post as this condition effects 50% of the population.

Please keep emailing your questions on any topics, they are all welcome.

This is completely anonymous and all you need to do is send me your question via email to signing it with a username of your choice. I will reply to you through Sue’ Agony Posts at my earliest convenience.

I will endeavour to answer all your questions from my vast worldly experiences of life and if your question is of a type where research is needed, I will do my best to try to discover the right answers for you.

Hi Sue,

I came across your blog when I was doing a google search for something and can I just say I think Sue’s Agony Posts is a great idea especially for me because I don’t want to go to anyone with my question. It’s a private matter.

I have been with my partner for over a year now and he’s a great guy and we are very happy. I have one issue which bugs the hell out of me and I kind a find it a turn off to a degree. I haven’t said anything to him because I really don’t want to hurt him. I spend most of my time at his, it’s like I live there but I haven’t moved in if that makes sense so, I can’t really do any research for myself without him knowing, plus it’s always good to get another woman’s opinion.


My partner has skin tags at the top of his leg where the crease is to his groin area. Theres about 6-8 on each side and to be honest I hate them and a couple of them are really long. I know they can be removed but how and is there anything we can do at home to remove them. I haven’t mentioned anything to my partner about them yet because I want the info before I say something to him. Hope you can help.

Thanks LisaRose


Hi LisaRose,

Thank you for your question. Yes I completely understand your dilemma and i’m happy to do the research for you, this is what I’ve found.

Skin tags are harmless, small, soft pieces of skin that are raised, or hang off the skin by a connection stalk. They are usually the same colour as the surrounding skin, and can vary in size from a few millimetres up to 5 cm wide.

Apparently, skin tags are a really common thing with 50% of the population having them on some part of their body. They are harmless growths caused when skin is rubbed, normally found where clothing is likely to rub such as at the top of the leg, groin area, back, neck, underarms and around the bra-line.

It’s always best to check with your doctor first just to make sure they are skin tags before you attempt to remove them yourself. Some people might be confused with warts or moles. Many GP’s will not remove them for you unless you have a very large one.

There are a number of skin tag home removals kits that are on the market and can be purchased from Boots or other drug stores and even online. An array of methods from freezing to creams are on the market but, I think if I was going to remove a skin tag, I would choose the cotton/string method, it seems less painful and simple.


A person uses the device to cut off the supply of blood to the base of the tag with a tiny band this is called ligation in medical terms.

Some people try to achieve ligation with a piece of dental floss or cotton/string. It can be tricky to do this without the help of a device or another person.

When the flow of blood has been cut off for at least a few days, the tag should fall away. It’s possible that you will need to tighten the cotton/string or floss every day.

Before using this method, clean the skin, string, and hands thoroughly to prevent infection.

Skin tag removal cream

Kits containing cream and an applicator are available. Usually, only one application of cream is necessary.

Instructions to some kits recommend cleaning the skin with an alcohol wipe and filing down the tag before applying the cream, to ensure that it is fully absorbed. The cream may cause a mild stinging sensation. Tags should fall off within 2 to 3 weeks.

Freezing kit

A person can use a product containing liquid nitrogen to freeze off skin tags. These products can be found in pharmacies or online. Several applications may be necessary before a growth falls away, usually occurring within 10 days.

The spray should not come into contact with surrounding skin. A person may want to apply Vaseline around the tag for protection.


Designed specifically for Skin Tag. Place directly onto the skin tag and peel away the plastic marker to leave only the patch on the skin. Apply one patch per skin tag every 12 hours as needed, and can be worn during the day or overnight. Use everyday until you have reached the desired result. Each pack contains 28 uses.


Some evidence suggests that a person can use liquid iodine to remove skin tags. First, protect the surrounding skin with Vaseline or Coconut oil. Soak a Q-tip in iodine and spread the liquid across the tag. Cover the area with a bandage until the iodine has dried.

Repeat treatment twice a day until the tag drops off.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil used to treat several skin conditions, including skin tags. Only some evidence supports this claim.

Apply a few drops of the oil to a cotton ball,  then affix to the skin tag with a bandage. The cotton ball is usually left on the skin tag for 10 minutes, three times daily. It may take several days or weeks for the tag to fall off.

This remedy should be used with caution, Tea Tree Oil may irritate sensitive skin. Never use Tea Tree Oil for tags located around the eyes.

Sue's Agony Posts 22, Sue’s Agony Posts 22, Full Body Massage Service

Skin Tags

My advise offered is for guidance purposes only

On a serious note, if I can’t offer you an answer, but if needed, I will try to put you in touch with the correct people who may be able to help.

I am not a medical professional and can only advise you from my wealth of life experiences and there has been so many… so for fun, why not ask away and lets see where this takes us.

Do you have a question for Sue’s Agony Posts?

Thank you for reading Sue’s Agony post.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Sue's Agony Posts 22, Sue’s Agony Posts 22, Full Body Massage Service


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