The adventures of Mr Little’en – True Story

The adventures of Mr Little’en – True Story

The adventures of Mr Little’en – True Story

The adventures of Mr Little’en

“A winter’s drive”

True Story

Guest Writer


The adventures of Mr Little'en - True Story, The adventures of Mr Little’en – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
For the avid nudist, the onset of winter brings less opportunity to enjoy being at one with the elements, that is of course for most, but not me. The darker days means more activities are possible áu natural.
One dark early Monday morning, I woke early, 3am to be specific because today I had to drive from the south of England, all the way to the lowlands of Scotland, an epic 450 mile road trip through countryside, motorways and wilderness, and my challenge to myself? To be naked throughout. Now I won’t give you mile by mile accounts, I have saved the highlights for your enjoyment.
At the sound of my alarm, I wake all a buzz with what lay ahead, my bag already packed in the car and provisions ready to go. You see, my house is quite secluded so trust me, I had no intention of getting dressed to start my journey, that is just cheating. I lock up the house, somewhat shivering I might add, and head to the car. At this point I admit that even if I was seen, there wouldn’t be much to spot, my cock had retreated to safety and warmth, getting a good hold to pee would have been a challenge, but let’s carry on.
The seats are on, the heater wafting warm air over my skin, loving life and the peace of early morning roads. It’s now an hour into driving, and the part that was the most heart racing is upon me; the motorway!
If you have never driven naked, the prospect of driving side by side with another car is quite exhilarating, you would be surprised how many people don’t look. The light is still dim, and I’m up to speed cruising the motorway, my clothes in a bag on the back seat so I can’t cheat and cover up if I get scared. At this point it’s worth noting that I’m in a coupe two seater, reaching the back seats is a faff. Mile after mile fly by and I now have forgotten I’m naked, it’s become normal, I’ve covered 150 miles nearly, but then…. Gritters!!
The motorway slows to 40 Mph, I’m now surrounded with cars each vying for position to get past the blockage, and that’s when I get a smile. A rush hour commuter spies my lack of top and gives me a seemingly knowing grin, a cheeky look downward to suggest she wants to confirm a suspicion, but alas no time and the traffic moves on.
The adventures of Mr Little'en - True Story, The adventures of Mr Little’en – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Image by Viktor Cap
It’s now 3 hours of 5, and Houston, we have a problem, I really need a pee. By now it’s started to get light, but not too light and perhaps a secluded side road off the A1 could be a good bet. I arrive at a nice country park site, a bench and a table are just by the car with the remains of what is likely a very full hedgerow in the summer. I take my chance. I’m both relieved and a little disappointed all at the same time, I needed the pee but a part of me wanted to be caught. The thought of that alone starts some movement below, I can feel my cock wanting some attention, well it is morning and well, you know how us men are. So I decide to take a huge risk, I sit on the table by the car and start to take some time to myself, eyes closed feeling the environment around me, I can hear the road and feel the cold air bristling over me…Oh shit, that was fast!
I get back into the car and carry on my journey, a sense of calm and fulfilment now warming me up. As I get further north the roads once more empty, less noise, less people, and I can’t believe I made it this far with no events, should I always travel naked, is this just too easy?
25 miles from my destination, the Scottish boarders, and area of little population where I have rented an air BnB for a week of solitude, surrounded by 3 acres of forest and wildlife, perfection. I am now very low on fuel, but I can make it, I really don’t want to fall short of my goal now, the light is on and I’m clinging to the hope I can get to my destination without having to put a single thread on.
The adventures of Mr Little'en - True Story, The adventures of Mr Little’en – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

You have reached your destination! After many hours in the car I’m here, secluded, alone, magical. I exit the car, stretch the most I have ever in my life, make my way to the key box and enter the property. A log cabin with open burner and faux skins everywhere, a real wilderness vibe. I take a look around and decide to take a little walk into the woods to explore.

Back at the lodge I am ready to take a sleep, I unload the suitcase (mostly filled with toiletries I must be honest), and then I hear… “Ooh hello, sorry sorry I am your host” FUCK, yep, ‘upon arrival your host will introduce themselves’ the small print. I saw you had arrived, I didn’t want to disturb you, you looked like you’ve settled in though. “she giggles to herself whilst trying not to look, explaining that it’s certainly an unusual surprise but each to their own”

And then…continues to ask me about the drive, how long was it clear roads, and it occurs to me, she doesn’t care, so I lean into it.
“O I drove all the way like this, really fun drive, and don’t worry I will put towels on the furniture ahaha” she laughs and appreciated the gesture. “you don’t mind being caught’, she says,”i wasn’t looking for that but im not a shy type” I added.
“anyway” she says, ‘i better let you get on, you look like you’re cold, go warm up and enjoy your time” “Oh, I’m not that cold now actually it’s warmed up since the morning “ I replied.
“Oh I see” she giggled, “i guess it’s a grower then, I would hope“ she laughed and walked off to her car. “i hope you have other skills” she laughs, bye bye..
450 miles of driving, and I get torn down upon my arrival, haha, I didn’t see her again before I left, but I did quite enjoy getting caught and holding a 20 minute conversation in the buff with a stranger .
Until next time my friends, stay naked.
Mr Little’en .

Thank you to my guest writer for submitting his story. I hope you enjoyed his adventure.

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PS It’s not illegal to drive naked in the uk but you could be prosecuted if your intention was to cause shock or upset, depending on the circumstances you could be charged with indecency.

The adventures of Mr Little'en - True Story, The adventures of Mr Little’en – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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