Hello 2023 – Sue’s on her soapbox

Hello 2023 – Sue’s on her soapbox

Hello 2023

“Sue’s on her soapbox” 


Hello 2023 - sue's on her soapbox, Hello 2023 – Sue’s on her soapbox, Full Body Massage Service

Good morning to you all,

It’s the start of a New Year 2023 and I can’t but wonder what’s in store for us all.

The old sayings, “life is what you make it”, “you reap what you sow” and so on, but in this economic climate, can this be true when so much is out of our control.

I’m going to put my neck out and suggest that 2023 is going to a pretty shit year for many and I come to this conclusion simply because of government. It doesn’t matter what party you choose, they all have no idea of reality and nobody seems to have the balls to stand-up and get the job done.

Every country around the world is a business and for those who choose to run, they see this as a way to get rich or in the UK’s case with Sunak, Richer. They are all corrupt in one way or another, you just have to look at Tony Blairs wealth from when he started to when he left, it speaks volumes.

When running for election they always tell us what we hope to hear with a quick break down on how they expect to achieve said goals but inevitably, this never materialises in a satisfactory outcome, if at all!

All across the UKs news channel, they talk about our NHS and how broken and vulnerable it is. How it takes hours to receive an ambulance and then, if you are lucky enough to get your so needed ambulance, you are then left inside the ambulance for 12+ hours before being admitted into hospital.

Then there’s the boat people arriving daily, it was reported 48,000+ crossed the channel in 2022 and there’s always an ambulance waiting for them. I’m not saying boat people or any person shouldn’t have medical care and before someone shouts that i’m a racist, I’M NOT! but hang on, seriously, you don’t need to be Einstein to see these people are taking the piss out of the uk government and in-turn, tax payers like you and I.

Predominately, the people crossing are young men in their hundreds and thousands just looking to take from the UK and that means your pocket in anyway they can and I have to state for those of you whom seem to be blind, these people are building an army and entered the UK illegally.

I’m a great believer when dealing with ones life and business, if you get your foundations right first then you become strong enough to help others. Plainly, this means, (i’m probably going to upset a lot of you with this statement) Government grow a huge pair and take what ever means necessary to stop boat people entering the uk illegally. If they enter the UK simply buy them a ticket and fly them back to their country immediately.

This will save 7 million pounds daily for their housing and upkeep which can immediately go to increase staff wages to employed by the NHS and NOT private agency staff, who seem to pick a number and expect to be paid the exorbitant sum, with doctors being the real culprits of this service.

This will also stop a lot of rapes and other crime which the News channel neglect to report on.

Introduce a medical card which has to be produced to receive treatment from the NHS, if no card is issued then you have to pay for treatment. This is simple and many countries have something like this already in place. It’s not rocket science, theres just too many people taking advantage of what we have built.

There are so many areas of governing our country, that with a few tweaks and a fully grown pair, could turn our country around for the better. From NHS services, reducing energy prices, caring for our elderly to rejuvenate industry and infrastructure and building affordable homes. Many politicians would have you believe there is no money for such things, thats simply not the case, you just need to change policy and add policy and stop corruption, it’s not difficult.

As the people, if we stand together we have a voice and together we can make the changes necessary to repair our country and be proud to be British.

If we do nothing, we will end-up, each and every one of us constantly miserable and living our lives just to survive!

It’s time to have a voice people!

Ok people, I hope you can see where i’m coming from it’s so frustrating, the bureaucracy needs to stop. This is my rant over but in fairness, somebody needs to say it.

Do you have an opinion? Do you have something to say? comments are open or email me now: contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x



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