The Great Realisation

The Great Realisation

The Great Realisation

The Great Realisation

Tom Foolery


Good day readers,

Yes a little later than normal today, apologies. I have had a very busy morning just finishing off my theory e course exams and with great pleasure I can confirm I have passed. Now for the final part, the practical side of the course work, but I have to wait for certain equipment to arrive first before I can partake. It’s exciting and I’m eager to be able to offer ladies and gents a grooming service. In particular, many Gents have mentioned that they have struggled to find someone to wax and groom their bits and pieces for obvious reason. Im not phased by this and i’m sure, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before and so I thought I would get qualified and offer my services. I will let you all know when i’m qualified.

For those of you who haven’t seen this short video yet, it’s definitely worth a look and very poignant…

The great realisation, The Great Realisation, Full Body Massage Service

Thanks for stopping by and what did you think about this short video clip?

I thought it was very clever and maybe it should be seen by everyone…

All your stories and ideas are welcome please send via email to

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

Dont for get to view the new uploads yesterday to my VIP gallery. Choose a Subscription Plan and enjoy the view. Thank you for your continued support at these difficult times. x


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