Wet and Windy – True Story

Wet and Windy – True Story

Wet and Windy – True Story

Wet and Windy

True story



Good morning readers,


I had to take a break the last couple of days so apologies for not posting. Im happy to report that last night I received my certificate to say I am now qualified to perform body waxing, I’m very pleased with myself and at least something good has come out of the lockdown. Roll on my Hot Stone Massage certificate…

I’m back now and hopefully you will all enjoy another true story of mine from my youth. We all have one and we all have a past but, I think it’s how we reflect and move on from that, with a smile is always the best way.

Wet and Windy, Wet and Windy – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

Wet and Windy

It was a cold winters night, the wind was howling through the trees and the rain was coming down like stair rods but, that didn’t stop me, I had plans to meet my boyfriend.

We had been seeing each other for months and would meet up as often as we could, both still living at home it didn’t leave us many options to spend quality time together but, just being together was great and mischievous.

Off down the road I went with my umbrella firmly positioned against the wind and the rain, we were meeting up with some friend in a café bar that stayed open late. I had been walking for some 15 minutes when I turned the corner and the blue haze from the neon sign shone through the blanket of rain, a sigh of relief came over me, just a few more steps to go.

The Café was small and dingy at best but it was the only place where we could all sit, chat and pass the time over a bowl of chips and a hot chocolate with cream on top, anyway they always played good music. As I opened the door the door bell announced my arrival and I could see everyone had arrived through all  the hoards of people, it was very busy this night. They had chosen the benches tucked away in the corner, my favourite table.  I was drenched but happy to be meeting up with David (my boyfriend), Gemma and Davids friend John.

David met me with a kiss and helped climb over the bench seating as I said hello to Gemma and John, David ordered me a hot chocolate to warm me up. Gemma and John were completely smitten with each other, they were completely lost in laughter and giggling like small children with many kisses happening and a lot of fumbling going on under the table lol, thats what happened back then.

David and I had lots to talk about so it wasn’t a problem to us even though we had all arranged for a night out together, they didn’t have a lot of time together and we understood that. Time was ticking on and the longer we sat close to each other the harder it was to keep our hands off each one another, it was always like that with us, definitely a chemistry thing going on.

It was time for Gemma and John to leave, we said our goodbyes and ten minutes later David looked at me and said “do I want to go somewhere else?” I knew exactly what that meant and replied “yes but it’s still raining,” “come on it will be fun” he said, “I know a place we can go” I agreed, after all we had been warming up to this point all night with a few cheeky fumbles here and there ourselves.

We headed off down the main road and turned off onto another street and walked for a while kissing and cuddling all the way when eventually we came to a medieval hut situated in front of a church. It was a bus shelter but looked like a small house. Made of wood in a thruppenny bit shape with a high pointed roof, fixed wooden bench seating and the only thing missing was a door. Hurriedly, we both stepped inside out of the rain and instantly our lips met.

It was young passion at its best and we were oblivious to the outside world with only a glimmer of light interrupting us from the street lamp up the road. The night was still very cold but we removed our coats, in seconds our hands were fumbling and tracing over each others drenched clothing.

I didn’t notice the cold as David unbuttoned my blouse I just wanted to feel his touch as he cupped my breast in his hand and then his mouth teasing my nipple, then the next one as I ran my fingers through his thick dark hair. He stood up and kissed me again, my hands now running over his wet jeans, I could feel the heat coming from his proud cock as I gently rubbed it.

David was 5 years my senior and new all the right moves, although my body new what it wanted it was him who showed me how to express it. He placed his hand on top of mind as I continued to gently rub him, guiding my hand to the waistband of his jeans where I could feel him poking out the top. He wanted me and the more I touched him the more I wanted him.

Wet and Windy, Wet and Windy – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels

While our lips were locked with young passion, I slowly undid the button on his jeans and unfastened his zip to reveal his cock, with no help from me, it instantly fell out and stood up as proud as could be. An exciting vision for a young lady who wants him just as much as he wants me. I sat down on the bench and David shuffled towards me, a perfect hight to take him in my mouth.

I loved Davids cock, it was perfectly formed and alway the smell of him was clean and sweet. I kissed his head to tease him a little and gazed up at him to view his reaction. The street light from down the road was enough to see his expression, he wasn’t impressed, he definitely wanted more and obligingly, I circled his head with my tongue before taking him in my mouth as far as I could. Sucking him up and down with my tongue teasing along the way.

David whispered “I want you”, I stood up and our lips met, again we kissed hard and passionately as he un-zipped my jeans and sliding his hand under my panties. A snug fit as I recall trying to wriggle my wet jeans down a little so he had room to play with me. Eventually his fingers found my magic spot and I felt myself completely give into him.

We both tugged at my wet snug jeans pulling them down enough so we could go further and eventually they came down just far enough. I turned around to lean on the bench positioning my butt in the air ready and waiting for him. I felt his warm throbbing cock touch me, it was fighting to gain entry as my legs couldn’t open too far because of my jeans.  I was wet and wanting, we wiggled in harmony for his cock to find a way in and eventually it happened! A tight fit as he moved back and forth, his hands on my hips pulling me close as he plunged deeper inside me. “Yes” I cried as the feeling engulfs me, faster, faster I yell as my surrounding excite me. David acts upon my demands and picks up the pace, faster he moves and deeper he goes until he says “i’m gonna cum” “no don’t” I yell but, it’s too late and he explodes inside me.

He left wanting and on the edge, that’s what happens I guess with young hot passion…

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read my true story, I hope you enjoyed the read. As always I love receiving your stories and content for my Blog, it tells me you like my site and want to be a part of something real and honest. Please continue to send your inclusion with complete anonymity to contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk Don’t be shy it’s great to share!

Take care people and have a good day

Sue x

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Thank you for your continued support x


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