When Fantasy Becomes Reality – True Story

When Fantasy Becomes Reality – True Story

When Fantasy Becomes Reality – True Story

When Fantasy Becomes Reality

True Story



Good Morning all,

How are you getting on with our 3rd lockdown?  I’m having good days and bad days with this this lockdown so I thought I would try and focus on a story for you all.

We all have fantasy’s and the question is, do we act on them or do we keep them buried deep just for ourselves. Only you will know the answer to that. Here is my True Story of when one of my fantasies became reality.

When Fantasy Becomes Reality – True Story

When fantasy becomes reality true story, When Fantasy Becomes Reality – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Dainis Graveris from Pexels


It was sometime in February, I had met a man a few months previously through work and we had become occasional friends with needs. It was refreshing to feel free and unrestricted by a relationship. We would often chat by text telling each other our intimate secrets and fantasy’s. There was an unspoken bond of trust between us, it was special and something that normally you would only discover in longterm relationships. It was indeed a special bond and one which allowed me to explore hidden fantasies.

A cold bleak evening and Tom would soon be arriving to pick me up, we had arranged to go out for a drink this evening.  It was something we did from time to time, we were both single and we enjoyed each others company. He would always correct and tease me on my lack of grammar within my texts, it was just our way of having some banter.

For me, It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, I always like to shower, cream my skin, apply a little makeup and generally make an effort when I go out. This evening was no exception, I chose a black knitted dress a slip for added warmth beautiful black lingerie and knee high boots. I felt good!

A knock at the door and it was Tom, a quick peck on the lips to say hello and I grabbed my long black coat and off we went to his car.

We drove for a while chatting away and ended up at pub not too far away. I sat down and Tom went to the bar to buy the drinks. Tom soon returned and sat down beside me and within moments we were laughing and talking about our texts and again, my lack of grammar.

His hand rested upon my leg, he began stroking it gently and he said “let’s live out one of your fantasies”. Instantly I said no, the pub was brightly lit and there was nowhere to hide. Trust me he said, as his hand started to rise to my thigh. “No one will see”, “I will keep watching” he said.

Grabbing my gin and tonic, I swiftly took a couple of gulps for dutch courage and not being a drinker, it instantly had the desired effect.

If you haven’t gathered by now, my fantasy was to be touched intimately in public without being seen. I guess it was the danger/excitement I desired.

I found myself fixated on Tom’s face, I watched is eyes constantly scouring the room as his hand edged higher above my stocking tops and towards my panties. With that, I found myself opening my legs slightly, inviting him to reach higher.

I could feel my heart start to pound from the danger of being caught but also, the want of being touched in public was overwhelming.

Toms hand had reached my lace panties and his fingers started to stroke over the lace, a warm and exciting thrill rushed over me. Tom froze as the barman asked from behind the bar if we needed anymore drinks. “No we are ok thanks” Tom replied. I felt my legs quickly clench together, I couldn’t look at the barman as he spoke, I was too embarrassed.

Tom said “don’t worry he hasn’t seen anything” and continued his journey of stroking my lace panties. My pulse now racing as he moves the elastic to one side and encounters my clit. Tom turns to look at me and says “you are so wet”, “you must be enjoying the danger” and smiled.

He was right, I was enjoying the moment more than I thought I would.

Within moment his finger had gracefully slid inside me, it took my breath away as he went deeper and circled my clit with his thumb. My breathing now turning to panting quietly as he brought me to the edge of climax.

Tom turned and said “do you want me to finish or shall we leave”? I said “let’s leave”. We gulped down our drinks, Tom took my hand and we strolled off to his car.

I couldn’t wait to be alone with him, he had aroused me so much that I just had to play with his cock. Tom was driving and I unzipped his trousers and his hard cock was exposed ready and waiting for me. I played with him completely oblivious to where we were when I felt the car stop.

I looked around and we were in a carpark close to train station. Tom said “do you want to do this”? and without saying a word, I smiled and opened my door. Tom opened his too and got out with his trousers still unfastened and his erect cock on show for the the world to see.

I leaned against the boot of his car and pushed my bottom out to show willing, Tom pulled at my panties and then pushed his throbbing cock deep inside me. His cock slid into my v-jj easily, it was still very wet from his touch earlier.

I could see the traffic nose to tail the other side of the hedgerow as Tom pondered into me time and time again. The mist from our warm panting breath soon surround us as our pleasure grew.

It made it all the more exciting/dangerous knowing that life was just a couple of meters away while I was having unadulterated sex and hopefully without being seen.

It didn’t take long before we were both on the edge. Are you close Tom asks? yes harder I yell, harder! Tom obliges and thrusts harder and within moments we are climaxing simultaneously, he fills me up as we hear voices from people returning to their cars.

Quickly we address our situation pulling ourselves together just in time as the voices came closer to the parked car beside us. We both got into the car and waited until they drove off before we could clean ourselves up. I had to loose my panties as they were a mess. The next pub we went to, I was knicker-less and beaming from ear to ear as we enjoyed the band that was playing. Tom kept running his hand across my bottom, he liked the thought of me standing in a crowded pub without panties on lol.

Definitely a night full of fun and memories. I managed to fulfil a fantasy or two and I was able to tick off a couple of things from my bucket list…

I wonder what Tom would have to say about my grammar today…. lol


When fantasy becomes reality true story, When Fantasy Becomes Reality – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

Thanks for popping in to read my story. I would luv for you to send me your stories, it’s easy and with complete anonymity send your story now to contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk….I’m waiting 😀

I hope you enjoyed the read!

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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