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Mixed Bag Today

Mixed Bag Today

Good morning all,

It’s very fresh this morning, 1℃ as i’m sat in my kitchen writing this post. My fingers are struggling to  move fluidly over the keys. I think I need some fingerless gloves 🥶

We are firmly into the new year, all the decorations are down and put away safely ready for next Christmas. It’s always a huge task with the cleaning up afterwards and your lounge seems to grow a few meters and looks a little bare.

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Photo by Benjamin Lehman from Pexels

National lockdown

What a bloody nightmare and there I was thinking, I would be opening end of January beginning of February, but only to hear the bill passed in parliament is up-to 31st March 🤬

Yes, you would be correct in thinking i’m not a happy bunny! To be honest, I’m consumed with worry. How on earth are people like myself supposed to survive another round of such measures? I have already given 4 months of no work to the government and survived with help from the bank of mum and dad, it’s just not fair.

Because my industry falls under wellness/beauty, my industry will be probably be one of the last to have the restriction lifted!

So, I say to all those selfish idiots who don’t follow the guidelines, who say I will see who I like and who partied over the festive period – “THANK YOU”. It’s people like you, who have caused this lockdown again and will cause many people lives to be torn apart.

Ok, I’m sorry for my outburst but I had to get it off my chest, enough is enough now people.

Swiftly moving on to something else lol


Just a quick Thank you to all of you who emailed me with suggestions of food intake and exercise plans. Joe wicks came out on top from your recommendation. I will be giving him a much need view through youtube.

Here’s a thought

Why doesn’t someone do a workout session on the green at Martlesham? The green is huge so 2 meters apart wouldn’t be a problem and i’m sure people would happily pay to participate. Assuming this is legally acceptable of course. I know I would take part in an instant and I’m sure there are many people just like me. The restrictions do say we can go out to exercise?

If someone takes up the task, I’m more than willing to help where I can. Just get in-touch.

The wardrobe

The wardrobe was a challenge. Two boxes arrived on time and in good condition and placed just inside my door. All seemed fine until I tried to lift them upstairs to build. Impossible, way too heavy for me lol

Thankfully my son was passing on his way to work and stopped by to lift them upstairs for me otherwise I had visions of having to open the boxes downstairs and lifting piece by piece upstairs. Not something I was looking forward too.

I had forgotten which wardrobe I’d ordered as I had looked as so many. I then understood why the boxes were so heavy, I had ordered one with draws in it. The instructions definitely said it was a two man job but with determination and a little intervention, oh and not forgetting my electric screwdriver and the infamous white wood glue, I had it built in under 3 hours.

Not the best quality but exceptional for the price and will do the job it was bought for.


This is the company I used and would highly recommend them, they kept me in touch with the progress of my order from start to finish.

Top Tip

If you’re like me and you have some Mulled Wine left over, here are a couple of Top Tips to use it up

1st Tip

Cut up some stale sponge cake or if you have jam Swiss roll of trifle sponges. place the sponge into a deep bowl and soak the sponges with Mulled Wine. Add fruit if you wish, I always use fresh raspberries then pour over jelly and wait for it to set. The mulled wine adds a great flavour to your trifle- yummy!

2nd Tip

You can replace the Red wine with Mulled Wine to make a rich gravy or a chicken chasseur for example. There are many recipes where you can enhance the flavours by using Mulled Wine. enjoy and get creative.

Cheeky Pic

Because of our current situation I thought I would spoil you with another cheeky pic from the same collection of my previous post, in the hope that it might perk you up for the day. After-all, we could all do with a pick me up at the moment. Hope you like it. 😇

Try to have a good day people and please email me with your stories. How about writing a fantasy story, I’m sure there are plenty of you who fantasise from time to time 😀

Email your content to contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk I’m looking forward to receiving something juicy after all, a lady need something to occupy her mind through lockdown hehe 💋

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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PS Don’t leave me waiting too long 🤣 x

Mixed Bag Today, Mixed Bag Today, Full Body Massage Service

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