An older lady – true story

An older lady – true story

An older lady – true story

An older lady

True story

Guest writer 


Im a 36 year old man, I’ve always had a cheeky kind of relationship with a lady who happens to be one of my Mums friends . We’ve always laughed, joked and been flirty with each other on nights out and with messages.

An older lady - true story, An older lady – true story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Joseph Kellner on Unsplash

She went away on holiday and returned with a lovely golden tan. I cheekily asked one day if it was an all over tan. This led onto some naughty sexting between the two of us, asking each other what we liked to do in and out of the bedroom. I had told her about a tantric massage I had experienced and said that I would like to try some of the moves on her. Thankfully she was keen and I couldn’t wait.

We arranged to meet one night at her house, when it was quiet. I pulled up outside and text to let her know I had arrived. My fingers were shaking already with sexual tension and could barely write the message.

Once inside, we sat on the sofa together with a drink, it was just general chat to begin with. We moved the conversation onto sexual experiences, this really charged the atmosphere and before long we were passionately kissing, our hands wondering over each other’s bodies.

She asked if I wanted to take it to the bedroom and of course I said yes. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I arrived at the bedroom, she had stripped down to her bra and panties. The sight of her body making me hard instantly.

She lay on her front and I began to stroke her with my finger tips. Long strokes down the arms, legs and across her back. As I moved up her legs and the inside of her thighs, she was pushing her bottom up in the air. I knew my touch was having the desired affect.

I released her bra strap with one hand, while my other was circling her vagina. I could feel she was wet and slipped my finger in. After a few minutes of teasing, she turned over and loosened my belt. She took me in her mouth and it felt bliss.

I then asked if she had any toys. She got her rabbit out and I began to use it on her. Occasionally stopping so I could push myself inside her. She then sucked me again until I couldn’t control myself any longer. My energy released on her breasts. One of my fantasies had just come true.

We lay together chatting for a while before one last kiss and cuddle. It’s something I still think of and hope there might be another opportunity in the future.



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