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Im fairly vexed this morning…

As you all are a wear, I’m a very easy going lady and I try to go the extra mile to make everyone feel welcome and my work room is always prepared when I have a booking, candles lit, heather on, oil warming, fresh flowers etc so why is it when someone makes an appointment for a certain time they don’t have the curtesy to text or call to say they have changed their mind or wont be able to make it?? Especially when I have turned other clients away for the same time.

Im a professional lady who is very kind and accommodating and treats everyone with respect. This is my business, when someone does this to me I take it personally as its an attack on my income, my survival. No one pays my bills accept me and that includes the tax man!

Some people just have NO respect for others, I wouldn’t dream of treating anyone like this! “do theses people think that because of the work I do it makes me less of a lady?” How wrong are they and shame on them!

Ok, Im sorry for ranting… I just had to vent for a moment… I’m all better now, I just needed to get that off my chest lol

“I’m smiling”

Take care and have a good day

Sue x


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