Do we or don’t we, shall we or shan’t we?





If we are all being honest with ourselves, we all have them, the answer is should we try to approach our partner or shouldn’t we, with our deepest secret fantasies or should we just act upon them and do it, or don’t we and just keep them suppressed?

I’m going to take a stab at this and say that it will depend on the type of partner you have. Ask yourself these questions first before you take the plunge, or your fantasies could become a problem between you and your partner especially if they are of the straight laced variety.

  • Is he/she a closed book with a straight victorian outlook?
  • Do you have a poor sex life between the both of you?
  • Are different positions out of the question?
  • Is trust an issue?
  • Doses sex have to be in the bedroom?

Ok if you have answered “NO”  to all of the above then I would say your certainly more than half way there to broach the subject of your fantasies. Choose your moment carefully and as long as it’s not too way out of the normal to start with, for example, these are fairly tame ones to suggest…

  • Spanked
  • Tied up
  • Blindfolded
  • body sauces\food

then you just might be pleasantly surprised, if on the other hand, you are looking to be a little more out there  i.e

  • Watched
  • Threesome
  • Videoed

I would suggest try the tame fantasies first and then if all goes well, eventually introduce the not so tame. I would always suggest first, make sure your both on the same page and you both have a safe word just incase either of you isn’t enjoying the new experience. Just be a wear that in some cases, some fantasies are just that, and should remain fantasies so choose wisely.

Some of us will be worried about brining up our hidden fantasies because we don’t want to offend our partners or appear to be perverted in some way.

As long as your both adults and are both consenting in your sexual discoveries then why not explore new depths, it could be fun!

I’ve been very lucky to explore a lot of my fantasies over the years wether tame or a little out there and through reading my posts and future posts you will discover this.  I don’t consider my experiences should label me in anyway, after all, I’m only a lady who has a sexual appetite with a curios mind, so please don’t judge me for for wanting to live my life, so that one day I may sit in my armchair in years to come with a smile on my face, after all, we are only here once! Yes it’s true, I still have fantasies and I never say never to exploring the rest of them but as I’ve said before, you have to choose wisely and in my opinion, some fantasies should only be fulfilled within a relationship of which I don’t have lol

however I do have a curious mind and can’t be told, I have to discover certain things for myself… its always been a problem of mine, it’s just the way I’m made 😇 “too bloody curious for my own good” lol.

I’m very curious about swingers and their parties, I’m not sure that I want to take part initially but I would love to go and see for myself how it all works. I have been told all sorts of stories over the years about these events, but like most things, until I’ve seen/experienced it with my own eyes, I take it all with a pinch of salt.

I would like to say though, to all you swingers, if someone is holding a swingers event/Party in Suffolk or close by with a good sized group of people and they would like to invite me, initially as a spectator who has a very open mind then please email me with details, I would love to hear from you, fingers crossed someone will contact me.

Remember, choose your moment and your fantasy wisely… Good luck!

As always, take care and have fun!

Sue x

Sincere thank’s to all you lovely readers whom have wished me well on my “NEWS” post and your ideas and comments have been most welcomed, they have all been noted and I will take them onboard.

Doesn’t somebody have a story for me?? I can’t believe I’m the only person who likes to discover new things… or is it that you are too shy to tell your story? Hopefully someone will grow a pair and and send me their story soon! until then, I’m afraid you just have me and my stories to read. All your comments, good or bad are always welcome email me at

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