Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Boxing Day, Boxing Day, Full Body Massage Service

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Good morning,

I hope this post finds you all well and hope you all enjoyed your Christmas day, although small. I’m sure many of you placed video calls to loved ones who couldn’t be with you. I had a long distance call with my parents, a few tears and a glass of bubbles in hand, we toasted the screen together and vowed we be together next year, as i’m sure many of you did.

I spent Christmas day with my son and his family, it was a lovely day and one that meant a lot as i’m normally day in and day out by myself. We had all the Christmas trimmings one would expect and I have the tummy to prove it lol. Definitely something to worry about in the New Year hehehe!

I would just like to add a huge thank you to you all for your Christmas Wishes and wonderful presents. I will now be able to stay warm, smell sweet, drink in style and experience tasteful delights. Thank you so much. It’s lovely to know people care and it’s made me feel special within, that warm childlike feeling inside. A Happy Lady smiling from ear to ear 😀

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is here, a brisk start to the day with storm Bella expected to hit the East this afternoon and of course my area is now in Tier 4 restrictions from today. The highest restrictions the UK dishes out. It’s not what any of us hoped for, but it was inevitably as my county neighbours Essex where they have some of the worst statistics of Covid.

What does it mean for me?

I will reiterate, as I had many texts yesterday of good wishes and asking when I will be resuming work again.

Because I am legal and pay my taxes like you and because I have a moral code, I am and will be guided by the governments ruling. Tier 4 means I can not work, I can not mix with anyone outside my household accept outside and must not leave Tier 4 restricted areas. So, basically, I will not be mixing with anyone accept my 4 legged friend, a solitary lonely existence for the foreseeable future.

Fingers crossed that we will all escape Tier 4 restriction soon, we just all need to pull together to get our areas reduced.

Take care everyone and chin up people, we will eventually come through this and hopefully we will meet again on the other-side!

Best wishes to you all and thank you for your continued support which means so much.

Sue x

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