Spain – Yesterday I heard a disturbing story

Spain – Yesterday I heard a disturbing story



Yesterday, I heard a disturbing story


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Yesterday was a warm one and again today is expected to get even hotter but make the most of it as from Thursday the cooler climate returns ☹️ I know it’s so typical of the UK, just when you start to put on your shorts and enjoy the freedom that the warmer weather brings, it changes as quickly as flipping a coin! Don’t get me wrong, I luv the UK seasons but god do I wish we could have guaranteed weather!

Yesterday, I heard a disturbing story

I haven’t looked into this just yet to find the facts as to the strength of the truth behind this story but, over the last 6 weeks or so, I have heard many similar stories along these lines.

As you all known, since the 1960’s, Spain has always been on the retirement plan for many. Back then it was along the lines of a third world country until it was discovered and loved by the brits. The British would flock to the Spanish coastlines to enjoy the guaranteed weather, Blue skies, hot climate and sandy beaches. It was a place families could feel safe and it was financially, easily reached by many as it was cheap and when you have a family you need your £1 to go further.

Over the years, Spain has been a place to buy your second home, to invest in the Spanish way of life and a place to eventually retire to, but not anymore!

The British people with their influx of money helped to put Spain on the map and making it a haven for tourism. Gone are the dirt roads, gone are the shacks they called bars or restaurants and hello glamour and modernisation.

Since Britain left the European bloc in December, Spain has decided to give the British people a very hard time. Introducing new laws that are aimed at the English with huge monetary implications for the British people who have lived there for years.

The Spanish are enforcing these laws with huge fines, confiscating uk plated cars and now I hear British people are going to be deported. Now, we know or I know how the Spanish system works, it will be their way of getting rid of the English people and changing the laws to reposes their villas, if they haven’t managed to sell them in time. Disgusting!

It seems the Spanish government/people have forgotten that our uk pounds helped to build their economy and give them the standard of life they now enjoy today.

I have know that the Spanish people can be very greedy and stubborn with huge rent increases overnight on private/commercial property to suit their needs, as opposed to the current rate. They are happy to let a property stand empty for years because they are reluctant to drop their asking price, it’s their way.

However, I think their total disregard for the huge English population, some 400,000 because we left the European union is disgraceful. The cost and implications of what the Spanish government are implicating and enforcing is enormous. It’s damn right disgusting how the English are being treated with the end result of many people loosing their homes and having to return to the UK with nothing!

It seems that many Spanish people are adopting the view that they do not want the English in Spain anymore. They now have their standard of living and have started to make the British people feel unwelcome.

One older lady who has lived in Spain for many years was in a supermarket doing her shopping as she has always done. After filling her trolly she joined the queue, standing in line waiting to pay for her goods. The Spanish lady on the till refused to let her unload her trolly until all the Spanish had been dealt with first. Utterly disgusting behaviour, if that had happened to me I would have left my trolly and walked out and probably being arrested for doing so.

But if this is the start of things, what else is around the corner??

Shame on the Spanish government/people with their selective memory’s !!!

I think the British people will need to look at a different country to invest their £1’s in, I’m sure Greece would be very accommodating and open their arms to the British people. Food for thought!

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Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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  1. I had heard something similar. People who had not taken Spanish / British dual citizenship were being kicked out. Short memories that it’s the UK pound that keeps a lot of Spain alive. I know we can ruin it too with some behaviour but I know many countries would love our investment.

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