Music – do you actually hear it?

Music – do you actually hear it?

Music -
Do you actually hear it?

Music – Do you actually hear it?

Morning all,

As you are aware, music is very dear to my soul, I guess you could say it’s been my saviour in more ways than one. If you actually hear music as I do then there’s no surprise when I say music can express your mood.

What surprises me greatly, is the amount of people who listen to music and enjoy it but don’t actually hear it and feel it. By this, I mean the music captures your soul and you drift off to a different time, place or even dream. For these people who actually hear and feel the music, this can be a way of expressing themselves, it can increase your adrenaline (great for a workout) or, believe it or not, help to heal a wounded heart.

I remember years ago when I was married, we would be walking along the promenade deciding where to go but for me it was easy, I would always home in to a venue that offered great music. My husband liked music, David Bowie, Queen etc as many do but he didn’t hear it and definitely couldn’t feel it.

What a shame that many people don’t understand someone’s feelings, mood through the power of music. They are defiantly missing out on something wonderful.

Music is extremely powerful, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve embedded a few music videos, I’m not sure if you will know them or not but, they all have a voice and something to say, thats if you can actually hear them…

I tried to include something for everyone, the power of music is amazing!

Thats all people,

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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  1. 100% agree. We have talked about music and it’s meaning many times. For me music can affect my mood, my feeling and bring back wonderful memories. I’m a soul and Mowtown boy and some of that music is incredibly powerful. Recently heard some gospel music and although I’m not overly religious it was incredible and the impact on the people who were listening (and dancing) was a joy. Long live great music.

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