Build your session

Build your session

Build your session

Build your session

with me…


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Build you session with me…

Build your session with me is easy, I have a page on my website called “Build your session” fill this in with as much detail as possible and hit send.

Please be very specific about your requirements so, we both understand unequivocally what you are looking to include in your massage session and you won’t offend me in anyway.  Please keep in mind, some of your requests can be easier to agree to if we’ve met before.

I will always give your request consideration and price it accordingly, and I will endeavour to reply to your request the same day.

Please be aware, I won’t always agree to your request but it costs nothing to ask.

Have a think and send your requests, I hope to hear from you soon.

Your request will only be considered by filling out the form Build your session through my website.

Thank you 😊

As always take care of you and yours

Sue x

Build your session

Build your session with me, Build your session, Full Body Massage Service

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