A whirlwind of events (hanging my stockings up)

A whirlwind of events (hanging my stockings up)

Whirlwind of Events


“It’s time to hang

my stockings up”

Hello people,

What a whirlwind of events my life has been through the last 7 months. I couldn’t have predicted the emotional rollercoaster i’ve been on and with the curveballs thrown in for good measure and as always, I never do things by halves.

It’s time to hang my stockings up

It’s official, I will be hanging my stockings up for good this month. I have sold my massage couch so I will work as normal up to collection with my last day being the 13th July. Please try and book your appointment in advance, especially now as my days are very hectic and I would luv to see you.

It would be lovely to see you before my stockings get hung up for good but, if that isn’t possible, I would like to thank you all for the support you have given me over the years, the memories, the laughter we’ve shared and the gifts you’ve given.

You all have made my work within this industry a pleasure when sadly, many don’t have the same experience. The last 9 years have been a blast, full of stories to be told one day and for that a lone i’m truly thankful.

Maybe one day, I will have the chance to write a book or maybe I will simply be happy with the memories you’ve given me. Thank you!

Whirlwind of events - hanging my stockings up, A whirlwind of events (hanging my stockings up), Full Body Massage Service

Is this goodbye?

I don’t like goodbyes, the word goodbye always sounds so final, I prefer to say “see ya” and for those of you who have something to say, you will be able to send me an email as normal.

Maybe you will hear a story from me through this blog. I always say “never say never”…..

The take over

Officially on the 18th July there will be a new face of femalemasseuse.co.uk and you will be able to contact her on the 19th to arrange your appointments.

Nothing will change apart from the location and i’ve been told the sessions will be exactly the same and maybe there will be more options available. This is something you will need to discuss with her.

The website with have a few changes depicting the new Sue.

The telephone number will be the same and again please don’t text, you will need to call with your number displayed.

Discretion is always paramount so if you see this lady in the store please do not rush up and say hello, discretion works both ways.


What’s she like?

Not to give too much away before the 18th, but I can share a few details with yourselves.

  • She is 10 years younger than myself
  • Professional and experienced
  • She also goes by the name of Sue
  • Sue is White British
  • Her figure is petite and busty
  • Long brown hair

Please book with her and give her your support, showing her the same respect as you did me, she’s a lovely lady and deserves your kindness and respect.

Whirlwind of events - hanging my stockings up, A whirlwind of events (hanging my stockings up), Full Body Massage Service


You possible have some questions and here I will try and answer them.

Q. When am I leaving?

a. End of the month

Q. What about your fur baby?

a. Sadly her little casket will accompany me, she will be with me always

Q. Will I be happy to be leaving this profession?

a. In someways and no in others

Q. Will I be working?

a. Of course I will be but not in this profession  lol

Q. What job will I be doing?

a. At the moment nothing is certain

Ok people it’s that time, I have to go and get ready to take someone on their journey but quickly before I go, I just wanted to say-

Don’t be scared to live your life, if your not happy then only you can change it and when one door closes there is always another one that opens. Remember, we are all only visitors on this planet so enjoy the moments you have and make lasting memories as time is gone in a flash.

I wish you all good health and prosperity and again, thank you!

See ya

Sue x

Whirlwind of events - hanging my stockings up, A whirlwind of events (hanging my stockings up), Full Body Massage Service

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