Cheeky Pic’s

Cheeky Pic’s

Cheeky Pic’s

Cheeky Pic’s

Good morning, Buenos días.

Yes, a little bit of Spanish there…Yesterday I had a moment and really missed my time living in Spain, in all I think it was about 20 years living there in total with the main stint being 16+ yrs. For me, when I now take a vacation to Spain it feels like going home. The best scenario for me and only if I won the lottery now, would be to have a home here and a home there, it would be perfect. It costs nothing to dream!

So, getting back to yesterday, I had lots planned for my day and wanted to shape up my front garden. That didn’t happen, good intentions and all that stuff, I ended up stripping off doing a little work on my computer and catching a few rays instead. It’s probably why I had a moment about missing Spain so much, my garden pond doesn’t give you the same as a swimming pool lol.

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Photo by Josh Rakower on Unsplash

I managed to catch a few moments for you with my phone, I’m not that good at taking pictures of myself but I hope you enjoy them.

Have a great day in the sun while it last…

Take care of you and yours and hopefully see you all soon.

Sue x

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