Good Morning

Good Morning

Good Morning

Good morning,


And again it rains and again… Oh the joys of living in the UK. Saturday is forecast as being a hot one though with temperatures possibly reaching 30℃ here in the east, something to look forward to I guess.

What do you think of my pictures this morning lol. ok, headless for obvious reasons, me in a French-maid costume, it’s always just for fun and I thought it might make you smile on this bleak day. 😁

Monday was a good day, it was great to hear from so many of you and I will look forward to seeing you all soon. We definitely have some catching up to do lol.

Good morning, Good Morning, Full Body Massage Service

The last couple of orders of bits and pieces for my studio came through yesterday. Now, I just need to find the time to put them in place. One of the items came from Asia and will be very time consuming putting it together. If it had arrived last week when time was abundant it wouldn’t be a problem but, live never goes to plan.

In some respects, looking back, the Lockdown offered up different possibilities for me so not all bad. I had regular conversation by text from people I have never met which was lovely and inspiring, I like to think we became friends in a strange kind of way. It gave me time, initially too much time were I thought `I would go out of my mind with worry but I turned that into a positive, tacking a couple of courses online and now I have the hunger for more. I’m actually on my third course and loving it and still scouring for others…

There are somethings in life a lady just can’t do for herself. A number of weeks ago, I lost the felt (is that what it’s called?) off my shed roof. I’m in need of an odd job man or professional to rectify it for me. We’ve had so much rain and likely to get much more with winter approaching, that it needs to be sorted soon. It’s possible that a part of it will need replacing, I’m not sure, it’s not my expertise. Please, if you know of anyone who could come and asses it and give me a price for the work, I would be most grateful. (I don’t know where to look to be honest.) Any suggestion??

A busy day for me today, Covid signs in place, hand sanitiser pump fixed to my studio wall and PPE at the ready lol what more could we ask for lol. I have to run now, lovely to chat and see you all soon. Have a great day people!

Good morning, Good Morning, Full Body Massage Service

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Good morning, Good Morning, Full Body Massage Service

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