Hello January 2022

Hello January 2022

Hello January 2022

Hello January 2022

Good morning readers,

My first post of 2022, let’s all say hello to the cold frosty mornings of January 2022.

Did you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year? I spent my Christmas with my son and his family, it was a lovely day and I taught the children to play newmarket. We had a lot of fun and the children loved placing their pennies on the horses. The youngest wiped the floor with the rest of us, and chuckling all the way. On reflection, I hope I haven’t installed a gambling habit lol I’m sure I haven’t, it just goes to show you can spend a fortune on the lates gadgets and tech but a good old fashioned card game ends up steeling the show.


I don’t know about you, but personally, I am so glad to see the back of 2021. For me it was one of the worst years i’ve every had. Thank god it’s over and with my positive attitude, i’m looking forward to seeing what’s in-store for 2022. It has to be better than 2021, surly it does 😀

Saying that, if you are a crypto investor trying to secure your future then you would have seen last night and this morning your portfolio tank. It was all red and more red with no green insight. I went to bed last night around 12ish after trying to DCA thinking I should be ok.

I didn’t sleep much and was up at 3.30 this morning only to see further reductions. A little more DCA was needed but not enough to bring inline the down side, (We all don’t have bottomless pockets). I’m not panicking at all and neither should any of you crypto lovers, DCA where you can and Hodl is the name of the game. Your portfolio will recover so pls don’t panic sell, the whales will be the winners.

Not a great start to 2022 but like I said, i’m positive that 2022 will be better than 2021! what do I have in-store for my readers this year? to be honest, I have no idea as yet, but rest assure, your appointment sessions will be as good as they’ve always been and I will put my thinking cap on as to what I can bring to the table for you this year.

If you have any suggestions then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or text me with your ideas, more heads are better than one 😁.

If you’re wondering why your crypto tanked check this out!


I don’t know if you saw the voucher i’m offering for January in a previous post, but if you did then that’s great news. Just remember to bring a printed copy with you to your appointment to redeem your voucher, easy.

Cheeky pic update

Huge apologies, somehow I have managed to delete them before I managed to upload them. I’m sure they are still there somewhere but I can’t seem to find them. Obviously I need someone who is tech savvy to recover them and not just anyone for all the obvious reasons lol This is in hand and as soon as they are safely back where they should be I will let you know.


One thing that’s coming for 2022 is a new front page for my blog. I felt it was looking dowdy and boring, so i’ve been working on the design of that. It should be uploaded over the next couple of days. Please let me know what you think and if you come across any spelling mistake, you all know that my grammar leaves a little to be desired!

That’s all for now people, have a great day and I’ll see you all soon.

As always take care of you and your,

Sue x

Don’t forget to send your article, stories and funny pics through to me via email contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk and as always with complete discretion.

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Hello January 2022, Hello January 2022, Full Body Massage Service

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