Mixed Bag – Updates

Mixed Bag – Updates

Mixed Bag – Updates

A bit of this and a bit of that


Hope you’ve all have been enjoying the mild weather we’ve been having this week, I don’t know about you, but It definitely helps my morale and saves a few pennies on heating.

Did anyone notice the sky last night? I popped outside with my dog and couldn’t help but notice the huge ring around the moon. I have seen this happen countless times, but last nights was really impressive. I took a picture to show you…

Mixed Bag Updates, Mixed Bag – Updates, Full Body Massage Service



OMG, my exercise plan isn’t going the way I planned at all. The ist week I decided to hit the ground running and pushed really hard with good result. Later, waking up one morning, I noticed my back was killing me and I could hardly get out of bed. Damn, so this has been a serious problem for me ever since.

I’m not giving up though, I am still very determined, I just have to find other ways to shift the extra pounds lol. I can only afford a certain amount of batteries a week! 🤣


Since I mention I would be reopening on the 12th April, Forward bookings have started to come through which is fantastic news. It’s a great feeling knowing your clients have forgotten you and are wanting to revisit, especially as this lockdown has been the hardest. It gives me a sense of purpose, so thank you to all, who have booked up already.

I still have spaces available so if you would like to secure you future appointment, just give me a call.


My quiz posted last Saturday, don’t tell me you’ve found this one difficult as well? I haven’t received many entries so far. There’s still time to have ago, it’s just a bit of fun and who knows, you might win a £10. voucher 🤔

Here’s the link Quiz 2nd Chance, win £10.00 Voucher


Erotica for ladies, the new page I added a couple of weeks ago to my website, aimed at ladies is doing very well and the feed back is amazing. so thank you for your comments.

I would still like for you gents to get creative and send your images in for this page. Don’t be shy, nobody will ever know it you and you certainly do not have to be an adonis. Ladies like real men of all shapes and sizes.

Come on gents, get creative and email your saucy images to contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk or you can send them through via text with a note giving me permission to use.


Wellness, a couple of new pages i’ve completed so far and will be coming soon to my website. I just need a helping hand from a colleague to amend, tweak and upload for me.

The Wellness pages will be for professional treatments. For ladies and gents who need to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and, or soul. The pages completed thus far are for a Professional Body Massage with all information and Professional Hot Stone Massage.

In time, there will be other pages added within the wellness category.


Yesterday, I contacted a company regarding Loyalty rewards. My hope is to be able to offer my clients a loyalty scheme. Enabling me, on a professional level, to be able to give something back to my clients for their continued support.

Obviously, there needs to be many discussions first, but hopefully, if the company is happy with me and my business it will be all steam ahead, so watch this space.

Professional Photographer 

I think some of you will be aware of a past post, a few months ago now asking for a Professional Photographer.

As of today, I’m still looking. If you know of a professional photographer who takes boudoir imagery or maybe you are a professional photographer, please contact me urgently. I have a number of shoots to arrange for the right photographer.

Suggestion’s & Content

There’s a critic in all of us, “believe me I know,” so, if you don’t like something or you would like to see more of a certain topic, please let me know. There’s nothing worse than flying blind thinking you’re doing an ok job when really you’re not.

I created my Blog for you, my readers. For you and I to interact with stories and interesting content and not forgetting, definitely with a few laughs thrown in along the way.

My post need your interaction, your content! I would be most appreciative if a few more of you would get involved. You don’t need to be Einstein or produced a Best Seller. All your stories and content received help to make this little Blog unique.

You are all most welcome to use my Blog as a voice in the knowledge that what ever you send, is always in the strictest confidence.

Please have a think and get sending 😁


This has always baffled me. I can’t understand in this day and age why companies think there advertisements would be getting the wrong image if they posted on my site.

The mindset of this country seem so backwards when it comes to anything listed for 18years and above.

Do companies really think that sites like mine would be detrimental to their business? I think not! We are all human and come from all walks of life and I have a number of people who contact me who are business owners.

I state very clearly on my site – “YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CLIENT OF MINE TO ADVERTISE”

I like to think my site as being professional in all areas and i’m happy to discuss any requirements that a business owner would like.

Let’s see if there are any business owners with the mindset of the 21st century.

If you are a business owner and you are interested in Advertising, Please call me.

Ok folks, it’s time to luv and leave you for now.

Have a great day and as always, take care of you and yours,

Sue x

For all corespondents please email me at contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk

For advanced bookings or Advertising, please call 07504937253

To gain entry to my VIP gallery Subscription Plan

Mixed Bag Updates, Mixed Bag – Updates, Full Body Massage Service
Mixed Bag Updates, Mixed Bag – Updates, Full Body Massage Service
Mixed Bag Updates, Mixed Bag – Updates, Full Body Massage Service

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