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A new page is coming to my site

“Escort Hosting”

A new concept for both client and escort

This new page has been suggested and requested by many of my clients and after much deliberation and cost, I’ve decided to give it a go. I will NOT be managing escorts, this will be a hosting site for escorts to advertise their offerings and for you the client to view and enjoy the experience.

It seems that many of my clients who were/are looking for escorts, are looking for something a little different and they are fed up with trawling through numerous escort sites looking for Ladies/Gents only to discover a lack of class, sophistication and etiquette. Don’t get me wrong, some of them would still like all the whistles and bows but don’t want that in their faces. Also it’s been mentioned on numerous occasions, when they have visited an escort, they are not as they have described themselves or their picture isn’t true So, after listening to all their comments and understanding where they were coming from, because after all, Im fairly well adversed within the adult industry. I believe it’s not what the eye can see its what the eye thinks it can see. I’ve come up with a new concept for escorts and obviously the clients to hopefully appease those requirements.

My aim is to offer potential escorts and clients a professional and polished site where they can display/view their offerings and requirements so the escorts will stand amongst the best!

The word ESCORT, it cumbers up all kinds of sexual images but in real terms the word Escort means someone who is offering their time. Hopefully this site will bring much more than your normal escort site.

My Advert to you!

I am an example. My age is of no consequence, I am unique and have something to offer

Attention all ladies and gentleman, I am a new concept and I’m coming soon!

My age is of no consequence, I’m sophisticated, I have style, Im Straight, Gay, Lesbian or something else and I have something to offer…I could be what you are looking for.

Have you ever thought about selling your time to engage with others? Escorts services are all about offerings of all different types of services.

You don’t have to be a model type and age is just a number, we all have something special to bring to the table. If you are 20 to 80 yrs of age and know how to act with a little sophistication, and able to converse, then why not give this a go.

Its possible you are already offering your services on a different site but feel the site isn’t showing you in your best interest and you want to stand with the best then this will be the site for you.

whether you wish to offer the following services, or maybe something else, I’m confident this site will work for you-

  • Available for weekend breaks
  • Adult services-varied
  • Holidays
  • Dinner/Theatre etc.
  • Plus one
  • Companionships

This site will give you, the Escort-

  • Private login details
  • All ready formatted pages for you to just drop in your details
  • A chance to work with a nicer clientele
  • Potentially good earnings
  • Individual contact page, displaying 1 good sized photo + 3 smaller
  • Calendar
  • Available or not available- you decide
  • Introducing yourself + offerings
  • Incall, outcall or both- you decide
  • Secure deposit taken payment button direct to your account
  • Your telephone number and email will be displayed at all times
  • Private paid to view gallery where you can upload your saucy images
  • If you would like a feedback page or something else then this can be added
  • You will be in control of your business and time
  • Step by step fact sheet can be arranged to help you use your site

For the client-

  • Polished and easy to use site
  • All your requirements on one site
  • Escorts with class and sophistication
  • No first image of exposure
  • Safe and secure site
  • Safe in the knowledge that there picture is a true likeness
  • Escorts for all requirements
  • Close to the area you require

Hopefully the new hosting page of “Escortswith” will give both the escort and the client a great experience and sincere working/playing encounter.

If you are thinking of becoming an Escort and have a few question and you would like to bounce some ideas around, your most welcome to call me for a chat.

Are you interested in meeting exceptional clients with a good earning potential and you like the thought of being in control of your own destiny,  please call me for an informal no obligation chat to discuss this new concept and what it can do for you.

Reserve your page now!             

Call Sue on 07504937253

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and please share this post with others who can benefit from my new concept.

Sue x

You can alway email me at, let me know your thoughts or you think i need to consider adding something else to the site. As always all your comments are welcome.


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