Good morning,

This is a notice to advise you all that from today, all website payments and including subscription plans will all be going through PayPal. A trusted merchant and this has been asked for by many of you.

Some of you may have come across card declines for the last week or so. Apologies if you’ve experienced this problem. Hopefully now my site is working with PayPal this shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

Notice, Notice, Full Body Massage Service

Where has my summer gone?

What horrible wet weather we’ve had this weekend and yesterday we had relentless fine misty rain, you’ve got it, that horrible stuff that penetrates everything it touches ☹️

As you can tell, i’m not impressed and neither is my dog who is sat here shivering away bless her.

So to all of you whom have upset the man upstairs, can you please be good and let him smile his sunbeams down again. I don’t want to believe my summer has finished already lol

Something funny

“No Disrespect intended”

This was sent in last week, it’s a little something that might amuse a few of you or might upset a few, but as stated above, no disrespect intended.

I came across this weird invitation guest list to a Conservative Party conference.

Group Captain Sax & his partner Oralia
Count Diver & his wife Muffy
The Right Honourable M Barrator & his wife Vi
The Right Honourable M  aritable /Aid & his wife BiggerBetta
Lady Plug & her partner Butt
The Dowager Countess Min Atrix & her partner Domina

What’s New?

Obviously as I previously mentioned Paypal is a new addition to my site.

A couple of costumes/outfits have now arrived so all being well, new pictures coming for my gallery soon.

Talking of gallery, I have just tweaked my VIP gallery with vouchers for new and existing clients.

My health is definitely on the mend now, I’ve been seeing a physio weekly. It’s that old saying “I always feel terrible after my session” and it’s true, but nothing ventured nothing gained. I’ve started to ease off the meds as my pain is now manageable and it feels great to start to join a few dots up within the grey matter lol God it has been hard work.

My 1st week back has been a success to a degree, lovely to see people but unable to move too much this weekend. I’m afraid I will have to keep the 30 minute sessions in situ for a few more days.

Sundays, I have decided to keep them for myself. It’s not new concept, but I didn’t get round to changing this on my site. Covid definitely puts things into perspective and then being unable to walk for many weeks, I have decided that life is too short and I don’t want to work seven days a week anymore as I have done for more years than I can remember.

Since i’ve been living where I am, Saturday evening was the 1st time I’ve seen a hedgehog. A cute little thing scurrying along from my front garden to under my car. It has inspired me to sort out a hedgehog house and maybe I will get to see a few more.

If the bloody idiots who drive like maniacs doing wheel spins etc off the mini roundabout keep it up then the chances of seeing much wildlife will be diminish. The pigeons don’t seem to mind though, they are more like small chickens. You could say they are well fed lol

Notice, Notice, Full Body Massage Service

One resident Pigeon looking rather wet and bedraggled.

Oh well folks, time to luv and leave you.

So much to do and these days and it takes me a little longer.

Have a great day and hopefully I will hear from some of you soon.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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