Notice – Clock change

Notice – Clock change

Notice – Clock change

Clock change – Diary date


I thought I would just remind you all of the clock change happening next week. It seems people have be posting many different dates and probably, because they think it’s funny.

I don’t think it’s funny at all, especially when many of us have to plan around the clock change.

Officially, the clock change will happen in the UK on Sunday 28th March at 01.00 am, moving forward by one hour. In layman’s terms, you will lose one hour of sleep.

Will our clocks continue to change?

On March 26, 2019, the European Parliament voted to stop changing the clocks in the EU. This was highly favoured for EU countries that decide too permanently keep their summer time.

As a result, the clock change this month, March 2021 would have been the last clock change in the EU if the Pandemic hadn’t arose. It’s possible, a year from now, this could be implemented and with the clock change residing as part of history.

But, the UK has now left the EU and this means, Britain will no longer follow the EU directives. Britain could decide to keep the clock changes or stay with one time all year round.

This means Britain will no longer have to follow EU directives so the Government could decide to keep changing the clocks, or stick with one time all year round.

It’s possible, two time zones in the UK, one for Northern Ireland and one for England, Wales and Scotland.

While Europe might be well on its way to ditching seasonal clock changes, it remains to be seen if post-Brexit Britain will fall in line. Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement commits Northern Ireland to following EU rules to prevent a hard border with the Republic of Ireland.

Implementing major strife on the island of Ireland, where Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland could end up in different timezones, despite living next to one another.

The pandemic has brought rest-bite to the clock change bill and we have no choice, but to wait it out and see how this will unfold.

I’m all for keeping British summer time!

Feel free to leave your thoughts by commenting below.

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