Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke

Legendary American soul sing, writer, producer and entrepreneur born January 22, 1931 – and murdered December 11, 1964. Sam with his soulful tones was known as the king of R&B the same as Elvis Presley was the king of Rock & Roll.

There has been many stories and articles written about Sams demise, and all telling half truths or a version the mob would like you to believe. Because I have a great love of Sam’s music, I was going to write an in depth article on Sam cooke when I happened to stumble upon this article from Rhythmic.FM written earlier this year.


Sam Cooke, Sam Cooke, Full Body Massage Service

After reading it I decided there was no way I could do better or even add a little something, so I decided to leave it alone and just add a link to this informative article. Please scroll down to read the first 2 comments left for further insight. Written by Rhythmic.FM Murder of Sam Cooke 

This article, openly asks all the right questions and is the closest to the truth I think you will ever get. Even 50 years on from Sam Cooke’s murder the LAPD will not revisit this case!

All thats left for me to do is to grace your ears with a few of my favourite tracks by the R&B king, Sam Cooke and say, “what a great loss to the world and I hope that justice, one day will come”

Thank you for your continued support, it truly means a lot.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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Sam Cooke, Sam Cooke, Full Body Massage Service

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