Story Teller – True Story

Story Teller – True Story

Story Teller – True Story

Story Teller

True Story

“Beautiful Texts”



Good morning readers,

This is a true story, I’m afraid it has to be lengthy to set the scene of this very special story to me. I have thought about telling you this story for many months but, always decided against it until now. This man has graced my true stories before but, this True Story is the beginning. My story is of love and passion so, grab a coffee or a beer and get comfortable, I hope you enjoy!

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Story Teller

The year was 2014 and the month was May. The day had started like any other day, getting my work room ready and cleaning the en-suite ready for my first client of the day. Looking back through my diary to be as accurate as I can, it was a 10.30am appointment for 30 minutes which was the only appointment I had booked. The appointment came and went but my phone was constantly ringing. I always try and reply as and when I can to missed calls with a short text “sorry I missed your call, please try again”.

Before long I took a call from a gentleman enquiring about my services, still green and fairly a novice in my profession as I had only been working in this field since mid April, I explained my services and also that I haven’t been doing this long,

he was chatty and charming and complemented me on the sound of my voice. I found at the time a strange remark, we chatted a little more and then the call was over. Feeling taken back by his comments and his verbal approach to me, I was sad that the conversation had finished. Thinking to myself, he sounded genuine and very charming. About 20 minutes or so had passed and a text message came through, it was from Steve, the gentleman I had been chatting with earlier.

This text was unlike any other I’d received and his texts stand alone to this day. It was extremely long, it wasn’t sexual in anyway but full of detail and depth, it was like I was reading a story and I was pulled me into the words I was reading. It felt like the first few pages of a best seller, you know what I mean, the first few pages is where you decide to carry on or put it down.

His words were charming descriptive and from the heart. I think I was hooked at this point!

I sat for a while thinking about what I had just read and the way his words had touched me. An experience I had never known before and didn’t believe possible just through a text.

I decided I had to respond but I wanted to relay the same, choosing my words carefully I started to write my story and describe my surroundings with as much detail as I could muster. I had finished my text, I read it through a number of times and with fingers crossed I hit send.

It wasn’t too long before I’d received a reply and with every text I received his story continued in the same vein.

Story teller - true story, Story Teller – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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Days had past, everyday I would find myself waking up to his beautiful texts. They were honest and bare and soon days had turned into weeks.

The scary thing about this was, I knew that I had fallen in love with this man through his words. He was charming Charismatic and he had bared his sole to me. We had never exchanged pictures and the need too, had never existed. We also knew that I was 7 years his senior but he had convinced me that age was just a number.

I had learnt through his texts that he worked in Asia in a cycle of months on and a month off where he would return back to the Uk.

I had just flown into Stansted Airport and waiting for the bus to pick me up for the long stay car park when my phone alerted me to a text, It was from Steve and with no time to read it let alone reply.

Hurriedly Approaching my car and struggling with my heavy case, I eventually sat in my car ready to read his beautiful text.

He explained that he was returning to the Uk today but the house he had rented wouldn’t be available until tomorrow. He would be taking a hotel room for one night in Ipswich and would I like to meet him.

God yes I thought without hesitation but then reality stepped in with my stomach doing somersaults and turning into knots. What if he doesn’t like me in the flesh all the things that rush into your head but mostly I was scared of loosing his texts. I decided to take the drive home and think about it first before replying.

I had a girlfriend staying at my house and looking after my dog while I was away. So over a cuppa I decided to ask her for some advice. Instantly she said are you crazy girl of course you should go and with her reassurance I sent Steve a text telling him I would love to meet him tonight.

Texts went back and forth with hotel details where to meet and arrange the time for 8.30pm, Steve said he should be there by then. After all the texts time had moved on and It was now 6.30pm. I had to pull my finger out and get ready, I lived 30 minutes away from Ipswich on a good day and had no idea where this hotel was.

Showered, dressed and makeup on, my friend wishing me good luck as I leave.

I was excited, scared, nervous all the feelings that one could feel while driving to the hotel. Then this feeling of what if he’s an axe Murderer. Telling myself to calm down as my sat-nav tells me I’m here.

It’s 8.20pm, I’ve made good time, I will just sit here a while and compose myself. I didn’t want to come across too eager and eventually 8.30 arrives and I make my way to the hotel car park where there’s an entrance. Walking in with extremely high heels, I ask the man in reception is Steve err Mr xxx arrived yet thinking OMG he’s going to think I’m an escort. “No we don’t have anyone by that name” the man said, oh shit I thought, now what do I do. Thanking the receptionist as I turned and walked out feeling very embarrassed.

My phone rings and it’s Steve asking me to wait he’s been caught in traffic and he’s only 10 minutes away. “Ok”, I replied finding myself somewhere to stand and wait that wasn’t too conspicuous to others.

Story teller - true story, Story Teller – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

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A sports BMW pulled into the car park shunting around and revered into a slot, is this him, I had no idea. I watched as this fit man got out of his car went to his boot and picked up a large holdall and walk over to me.

“Sue”he asked, ” yes, Steve”? “Yes” he said and gave me a little kiss. Following him into reception and now feeling confident as I looked at the receptionist once more.

Steve and I didn’t say much, he just took my had and lead me to the elevator, we just kept grinning at each other like school children.

The room was modern with all the usual things. Steve instantly picked up the tv remote and put music on as I sat on the end of the bed while he took a shower.

I should have been tired from travelling myself but adrenaline had kicked in. I started to question myself, what was I doing in a hotel room with a man I had never met before and now anxiety.

Steve emerged from the bathroom grinning with a bath sheet wrapped around him smelling Gorgeous and saying come here.

I stood up and he took me in his arms and kissed me. Steve said “you’re nervous because I know you can kiss better than that, kiss me with passion”. “Yes I am very nervous,” he reassures me and says just relax we are not here to do anything that we don’t want to. I melt at his words and he says let’s try that kiss again.

The kiss was passionate and long, soft and gentle, nibbling at each other’s lips as if we’d been lovers for years. He turned me around kissing my neck as he unbuttoned my cream blouse. His hand exploring my body and coupling my white bra with tenderness. He turns me around and slips my blouse off to admire my bra saying beautiful underwear as his fingers start to unfasten my trousers. I’m staring into he’s piercing blue eyes as my trousers fall to the ground, I can see him, his intentions and the love in his eyes.

Stand back he says, I want to see you and remember this picture of such beauty for ever.

He walks towards me and I can see he’s aroused, the site of him warms me inside and I know this is something special. I want to kiss him and never let him go but I keep that side hidden. Steve gently pushes me onto the white sheets of the bed as he unwraps his towel. He body is a vision in all its glory as he takes me in his arms and holds me in a loving embrace.

I’ve waited for this moment for so long he says, you’re exactly how I thought you would be. He made me feel complete at that moment as if through all my struggles and strife of life had all been to bring me to were I was right then.

Kissing and cuddling felt right, he’s hands on my body felt they were where they should be as he unfastens my bra. His hands caress my boobs gently followed by his lips. His tongue teasing my nipples as they react instantly by standing to attention. His mouth taking his time, kissing every inch of me as he moves down towards my lace panties. Steves eyes would look up and catch me looking back at him.

A tingling feeling sweeps over me an acceptance of pleasure and a nervous desire for more. I can feel his hot breath penetrate my panties as he nibbles all over them causing me to wriggle with desire. His fingers trace the edge of my panties adding to the anticipation. I have started to breath deeper, I look down at him and I can see those blue eyes staring back at me and a cheeky grin as he removes my panties.

OMG I have never wanted anything as much as I wanted him, I was completely consumed by him and the journey he was taking me on.

Steve now nestled between my legs said your v-jj is the prettiest I have ever seen, “really” knowing he had been a man about town having more than his fair share of ladies years before. “Yes it’s perfect” and without hesitation kisses my v-jj all over sending shivers of desire down my body.

His fingers start to gently strokes my v-jj building the want for him even more. There was no rush happening here and eventually he touched my clit, the build up instantly sets off a spark of immense pleasure. “Your so wet and I haven’t touched you properly yet” he said. “I know, It’s like your a drug and my body is on a high” and with that he slides a finger into my wet v-jj,  your so tight he said as he explores me a little more.

Continuing to Gently stroking me inside while he licks and sucks my clit sends my body’s desire into overdrive. I can feel you tightening up, I’m going to make you cum now he said as he continued licking me and licking me. The build up is immense and true to his word he made me cum like never before, I had fireworks and guns going off all at once.

Steve didn’t stop and continued playing with me building me up for round two. On the brink of a second organum I asked to slow down, I wanted to explore him. Clasping his face with both my hands encoring him to come towards me, I kiss him and kiss him some more.

Pushing him into his back and straddling him, kissing his neck gently then nibbling his lip before I trace his body with my lips.

Story teller - true story, Story Teller – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

His nipples respond to licks and a little cheeky tweak. My fingers start to trace his torso awakening his nerve ends and all the time I can see his blue eyes looking ag me and telling me there story.

I’ve now positioned myself between his legs, my fingers still light as a feather taking my time. Now at the pubic hair line my fingers gentle travel from left to right, it’s that fine line between pleasure and tickle. My fingers travel down between the creases of his legs teasing as they go, over his balls and up his shaft.

His body moves with want, I can tell he wants more but, I continue to gentle touch him, teasing every part of him.

His eyes now closed, his breathing now a little sporadic and deep. I kiss all around his cock and letting out my hot breath against his balls. The way his body responds is exciting and reassuring it’s urging me on.

My tongue is eager to explore him, my tongue circles the head of his cock slowly tasting his pre-cum as I lick the top. I want to suck him but refrain because I wanted to continue to explore him with my tongue. Running slowly down the centre of his long shaft and back up again. Now down the sides stopping to suck a little as I reach his firm balls.

I too admired the view of his manhood, it all was as it should be, like a perfect drawing of how a cock should look.

Gently licking his shaved balls and sucking gently with a nibble of his sack, Steve wriggled in pleasure a little more.

My fingers gently stroking his arse to give him pleasure as my tongue headed back up his shaft. Faster my tongue traveled circling the head. licking my lips, I opened my mouth to take him in at long last. Sucking him slowly in a round motion, I could see how his body moved and telling me he wanted more.

He tasted great amongst the clean fresh smell of his shower earlier. I stepped the speed up a little holding his cock as I sucked him deeper. I knew he was now close, I could feel the build. I eased up as he said I’m going to cum. My hand now replaced my mouth but my tongue moved down his shaft and in seconds a Cascade of cum erupted far and wide.

Crawling up his body we kissed and cuddled for a while until Steve said I want to finish what I started and moved directly to my v-jj licking and sucking my clit again.

My body was already teetering with excitement but I didn’t want to cum like this, “I want you inside me, are you hard again” I asked?

“Yes, god how I want you” Steve said and now on his knees, he pulls my legs towards him lifting my pelvis to take his cock. He was as hard as a rock as he slowly entered my wet v-jj, I could feel every inch of him slide inside me as we started to move in sink. A complete feeling as of one as we moved together. Steve slides to one side takes my leg over his hip and in a scissor fashion continues to thrust inside me. Then, in a voice of authority, I tell him to lay back and with his cock still inside me I managed straddling him.

Slowly I eased back and forth feeling his cock inside me and rubbing my clit against him at the same time. Steve’s hand gripped my my bottom, pulling me down with every lift I made. My rhythm has stepped up a gear, faster and faster I move as the intensity builds inside me. Steves expressions are telling me he’s as close as I am. Those beautiful blue eyes staring back at me, I cry, “I’m so close” , me too he said as I pound his cock some more. A few moments more and it feels like a charge of electricity runs the length of my body, my release happens, I’ve hit the sky ran around the moon and come back down to earth. seconds later followed by Steves body erratically jerking as he fills me up with his release.

Both of us now exhausted, sliding off Steves cock to snuggle up in his arms, we both said wow what was that and how it felt so right. Steve glanced at his watch and said “guess what time it is”? “12 midnight’? I said “No, try 3.00am” We had been very busy for hours. What a fantastic sensual night full of love and desire we had.

We were both up early the next morning, leaving the hotel by 8.30am. Steve and I both had things to do but, something special had happened the moment we met. We both felt the connection and became inseparable for many months, it was a very special time with a very special man. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Did you enjoy my true story? I hope so… We all have stories from our past and present, some pleasant and some we wish to forget but through chapters of life, we are always striving to move on and do better.Our stories can shape us and shield us from future disappointments if we allow. We all have so much time on our hands at the moment, why not give it ago and see where it takes you.

Please send me your stories, they can be fantasy, sexy, painful or funny. Im sure we would all love to read stories from you as a guest writer. Names, locations to be changed and signed with a name of your choice giving you complete anonymity for your discretion. Writing your story can also be a great way to heal and move on. Email your stories to

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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