Bose Soundlink Mini II – Review

Bose Soundlink Mini II – Review

Bose Soundlink Mini II – Review

Bose Soundlink Mini II




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Here’s a review in layman’s terms on the Bose Soundlink Mini II for those of you who like to take your music with you, where ever you might go.

Bose Soundlink Mini II, Bose Soundlink Mini II – Review, Full Body Massage Service

Bose Soundlink Mini II

There are so many portable speakers around these days and it can be a minefield choosing the right one, and getting it right. With funky designs and prices as low as £10.00 you would think, problem easily solved. If you’re a lover of music as I am, then you would want the sound quality to be rich and clear and the bluetooth connectivity to be easy and as quick as possible. Look no further, your problem is solved with the Bose Soundlink Mini II portable speaker.

Sound quality

Inside the SoundLink Mini II is a two speaker array with a passive bass radiator to seize the low range making them great for a well-rounded sound. The bass, is some of the most emphatic I’ve heard for a speaker of this size.

The crisp sounds of the trebles are just as present. Some digital signal processing has helped to bring out much of the detail and increase the separation between the different sound frequencies. It meant the SoundLink Mini II sounds overall fantastic which ever track you choose to play. If volume is needed then this little Bose speaker doesn’t disappoint either.

 Battery life

Battery life has improved from the first addition offering a respectable 10 hours of medium volume listening. Some rivals can manage more; the UE Boom 2, for example, will last up to 15 hours. Battery level and pairing status are read out by a Siri-esque robotic voice, as with many of Bose’s headphones.


Weighing  in at 670g, you’ll happily move it from room-to-room and if weight isn’t an issue, can easily be packed away in your luggage.

Available either in Carbon (black) or Pearl (white) finish. looking equally the business it comes down to personal preference. Colour coded silicone buttons are on the top. Volume controls as well as Bluetooth pairing. You’re able to pair the SoundLink Mini II with two Bluetooth devices at the same time and swap between them. The auxiliary jack situated to the side of the speaker.

Bose Soundlink Mini II, Bose Soundlink Mini II – Review, Full Body Massage Service

The Aux button of the original SoundLink Mini has been removed. Now the speaker will  automatically swap to the auxiliary mode when it detects a sound signal. A microphone has been added to the new model. When pared with your smartphone, it can act as a handsfree conference speaker. It picks up your voice with a good degree of clarity.

Bose Soundlink Mini II, Bose Soundlink Mini II – Review, Full Body Massage Service
Charging is the same as before and easy, just sit it down in its charging cradle making contact with its contact at the base of the speaker.  An improvement over the original SoundLink Mini is that the DC jack has been changed to a micro USB connection.

Ports can be found both on the cradle and directly on the speaker. A USB wall adaptor is included in the box.

Overall this Bose Soundlink Mini II is a great choice, delivering superb sound quality and looks the business. Shopping around the Bose Soundlink Mini II can now be found at around £130 which is a great price for this quality piece of kit that ticks all the boxes.

I have been so happy with mine over the years and it’s always accompanied me on many overseas vacation. I bought a gel sleeve to cover the body of the speaker and a padded travel pouch for safety. I wouldn’t be without mine.

Bose official site link for the Bose Soundlink Mini II

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