Thinking of Ukraine

Thinking of Ukraine

Thinking of Ukraine, Thinking of Ukraine, Full Body Massage Service

Thinking of Ukraine


Good Morning people.

I have had a couple of very stressful weeks with a lot of personal things going on behind the scenes so apologies for not popping in sooner.


You will notice I have placed a picture of Ukraine on this post, It seemed the right thing to do to show the Ukrainians that my thoughts are with them at this very sad time.

I strongly believe that Putin has lost his marbles, “he is a complete nutter”, a dangerous man with his finger hovering on a button that will execute mass world destruction.

You have to ask, why has such an unstable dictator been allowed to thrive in such a position that can effect the rest of the world? Probably because as soon as he would be removed, one of his regime will be ready to take his place and it’s always, better the devil you know.

You have to admire the conviction and courage of the Ukrainian people and their president Volodymyr Zelensky, what a great leader for his people he has become. This morning, I stumbled across a live cam feed with sound of the city of Kyiv. Within minutes of watching, the sirens started and my heart sunk again for these people.  

I believe Putin has a larger plan in-store than just conquering Ukraine and for that reason we should all be united. There will always be some that will stand with Putin, but ask yourselves what kind of people are they?

I hope you will all pray and if not pray, at the very least, spare a thought for the people of Ukraine. People who are struggling to survive while Russia attacks and kills indiscriminately. These people are just like you and I, wanting to life in a FREE democratic world.

At what price is freedom

Take care of you and your,

Sue x

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Thinking of Ukraine, Thinking of Ukraine, Full Body Massage Service

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