3rd Wednesday of the Month

3rd Wednesday of the Month

3rd Wednesday of the Month

Gentle Reminder

How quickly does a new month arrive? Too quickly if you ask me!

The 3rd Wednesday of the month falls on August 18th so don’t forget to add this date to your diary and experience the magic of hands at work for a reduced price.

For those of you who don’t know how the 3rd Wednesday of the month works read on…

Applies to 30 mins, 45 mins & 1 hr Sensual Full Body Massage

Booking in advance quoting AROSE21 will give you £20. off your timed appointment. Simply booking your appointment without quoting AROSE21 will automatically give you £10. off. 

Previously you would need to book in advance to get this offer but not anymore. Please keep in-mind, I only have so many working hours in a day so if you can book in advance this would help to guarantee your desired time.

This promotion applies to both new and existing clients however, if you are a new client, please call me to arrange your desired appointment making sure your number is displayed. If you withhold your number, your call will not be answered.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of my hands as they take you on a journey filled with many sensations.

Call me now to guarantee your time on 18th August – 07504937253

I hope to hear from you soon, it’s been too long what with one thing and another. Let’s get together and carry on where we left off!

Have a great day and here’s hoping I see you soon.

As always take care of you and yours,

Sue x

I would really love to hear of your adventures and i’m sure many of my readers would too. Email them through to me for inclusion in future post, obviously anonymously lol contact@femalemasseuse.co.uk

Subscription Plan There’s a plan for all, choose wisely and enjoy the view. Payment is now taken through PayPal.

3rd Wednesday of the Month, 3rd Wednesday of the Month, Full Body Massage Service

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