Hot Summers Eve  – True Story

Hot Summers Eve – True Story

Hot Summers Eve

True story

Good morning all,

After so many complaints because I haven’t posted a story in ages, I had to get my thinking cap on and see where my memory took me. Hot summers Eve is a true story that happened years ago, it’s hot, it’s sticky and one of passion and acceptance. I hope you all enjoy the read!

Hot summers eve, Hot Summers Eve  – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Hot Summers Eve

It was the middle of summer, the heat had been hovered around 38/40 degrees for days and this day was no exception. This particular day, the air was still and very hot and as the day went on the heat just seemed to build and build. We had had many days like this it was a constant dry heat which drained your energy. I was one of the lucky ones, I had air-con in my home and a beautiful swimming pool to dip in and out of.

Have you ever notice how the sun/heat makes you horny? It’s a common thing for men so ladies, if you’re not feeling it , I suggest you try and keep your man out of the sun!

We had been playing in the pool like kids just trying to keep cool and before we knew it, dusk had crept up upon us. Our energy levels had started to return and Peter jumped out to switch the pool light on. I always loved seeing the pool illuminate, it just looked sexy and inviting. I called out to Peter to bring some water and ice lolly’s on his return.

I needed to quench my thirst and a cool sugar rush was needed for what I had in store.

Hot summers eve, Hot Summers Eve  – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Hot summers eve, Hot Summers Eve  – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

It wasn’t long before Peter had returned to the edge of the pool where I was now sitting. I took the water and drank down half the bottle and then proceeded to unwrap my ice lolly. I licked and sucked my lolly and had an urge to peer up at Peter, he was watching me intently, “What” and I laughed,”Nothing” he replied and smiled as he started to suck on his lolly.

he leaned forward and kissed me, a stick lolly kiss and thats all it took!

I took my lolly and drew circles around his nipples, he flinched at the coldness but not for long, my gentle kisses and tongue soon sorted that and a cheeky nibbled at his nipples started things rising. My turn, he whispered as he unclasped my bikini top.

Peter did exactly that, placing his lolly on my boobs, tracing the curvature of each boob in turn. I jumped instantly at the cold sensations but I liked it, especially  when his tongue started to lick the trickles of lolly that had run down my body. His gentle kisses soon followed and sending shivers of desire through me. Almost as if flicking a switch my body wanted him.

I leaned back on the pool coronation, enjoying the cold sticky sensations and encouraging the moment. Peter rested his lolly on my tummy as he slides my bikini bottoms off. The lolly is melting and a small pool of stickiness has formed and starts to trickle once more.

Peter positions himself between my legs and reaches for the lolly, dragging it down my pelvis towards my v-jj.  It’s cold and i’m wriggling with these new sensations. Yes, these sensations are new to me but it’s erotic and i’m loving every second.

I’m naked laying on the pool coronation under the stars, the night is still and theres just a glow from the pool, It’s a magical moment. The discovering of these new sensations is wildly pleasurable sending me into overdrive.

Hot summers eve, Hot Summers Eve  – True Story, Full Body Massage Service
Hot summers eve, Hot Summers Eve  – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Peter starts teasing me, taking turns gently rubbing my clit with the ice lolly and then quickly followed by his tongue. I can feel the lolly melting as it trickles down to my v-jj. I’m on cloud nine, my mind and body are in the same place and my v-jj is begging for action. It’s as if he senses the moment that these feelings signalled my brain. I felt what was left of the ice lolly slide in my v-jj, god, it made me jump.

Seconds later, it was enough of the ice lolly and I told him “I want you inside me”.

Immediately Peter stood up and took his swimming shorts off, with the glow of the pool lights against the darkness, I caught a glimpse of his silhouette. I had seen peter naked many times before but his silhouette was an erotic vision and one I had to have.

With my arms reached out beckoning him to come closer, he kneels down beside me. Grabbing hold of his cock with one hand it’s now time to tease him.

His cock is hard and rigid and the head is glistening against the illumination of the pool. My fingers tickle and tease running up and down the length of his shaft. Moments later my tongue is circling the head of his cock, he tastes salty with his excitement. Opening my mouth, I slide my lips around this cock and begin to slowly suck and then I hear a deep intake of breath from Peter. He’s enjoying the moment as I continue to suck and tease him for a while longer, taking him in deeper inch by inch.

It wasn’t long before Peter is telling me to slow down and wanting to be inside me. Music to my ears, the build up to this has had my v-jj wanting for ages.

Peter nestles once more between my thighs on the coronation of the pool and as he gets closer, he stoops his head down and his tongue licks my clit and travels all the way up my body and connects with my mouth.

Hot summers eve, Hot Summers Eve  – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

The stickiness of the ice lollies made it difficult for our bodies to slide, reaching down to the water with my hand cupped, I managed to splash us enough to be able to move. It felt instantly cold against our hot bodies but it just intensified our want.

My v-jj was like a homing beacon, as Peter gently lowered himself, his cock found my moist v-jj and slowly glided deep within me. The coronation was hard against my back but these thoughts simply fade as the pleasure intensifies. I have my legs wrapped around his body gripping with every slow thrust.

Our bodies are in sink moving together as the pleasure keeps building. My leg loses  grip and slides off peters body and falls into the pool. The coolness of the splash is welcomed but within moments, somehow, we both end up falling into the pool just when we are on the brink.

It hasn’t cooled the moment, swimming to the shallow end and holding on to the coronation, quickly followed by Peter and his hard cock as he holds me from behind.

Pushing my bottom out,  his cock slides deep within me again. The sensations are different as we push against the water. In and out peter thrusts against the water, within seconds we are back where we were. The sensations are intense and I can feel my inner inferno about to erupt.” Harder” I yell, I’m so there and in seconds i’ve cum all over peters cock. My words have encouraged peter, he continues to thrust as hard as he can against the water and moments later he growls out as he cums deep inside me.

Completely satisfied beyond expectations and totally exhausted, we manage to pull ourselves out and just lay there on the tiles looking up at the stars in each others arms.

What a night of fun and a great memory….

Hot summers eve, Hot Summers Eve  – True Story, Full Body Massage Service

Thanks for taking 5 minutes out of your day to read my story, I hope you enjoyed the read. Until next time.

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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