Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

              Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

Good morning everyone,

Be careful outside this morning, the winds are very strong. You never know what could be flying around. My metal wall decorations have just blown off the wall, it’s a good job they stayed within my garden.

Wow, where has this year gone?

With everyday that passes this month, the festivities will start to build and I reckon the days will zoom by and before we know it, the big day will be here. How scary is that lol

We’ve all had a couple of shitty years and last Christmas didn’t really happen for many. Fingers crossed that we all have a fun packed month filled with excitement and enjoy the bid day with family and friends. We deserve it!

Today is the launch of a new page i’ve created for my website called “Couples fun December 2021”. At present, this page will only be visible for this month. Make sure you take a look, it’s definitely a little different.

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts, feedback is wanted.

I have lot’s of new posts coming this month ranging from my VIP gallery, stories to ??? Just a little teaser of whats coming. Please continue to pop by and support my blog. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with my content 😁

If you missed my last post on events and specials this month here’s a link what-coming-this-december/


Ok people it’s time to luv & leave you for now.

Remember to check your diary’s and call to book your specials.

Let’s have fun this December!

See ya 😀

P.S. Your content for future posts is welcome. Maybe you have stumbled across something which is amazing? Let us all know just email me the details Discretion is always paramount.

Take care of you and yours as always,

Sue x

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