“Naughty Gents”

“Naughty Gents”

"Naughty Gents"

This is just for you!

Good morning all,

I’ve had a few technical issues again hence the lack of posts but i’m back now.

This has been requested by many naughty gents for years and I have always refused as this isn’t what i’m about.

I have now succumbed and decided to go with your request just for the month of December, but only because it’s the season of good will and all that stuff.

I guess you could think of it as Sue is doing a good deed lol

"Naughty Gents", “Naughty Gents”, Full Body Massage Service
"Naughty Gents", “Naughty Gents”, Full Body Massage Service

The request has been enormous ever since i’ve been in this industry, requesting a 15 minute session of Tantric Motion.

Obviously, 15minutes of Tantric Motion won’t give you the same results as my sensual full body with Tantric Motion because your body isn’t taken on a journey.

From Monday 6th December right through until 23rd December, I will be offering the 15minute session.

You will still receive all the luxuries that you would expect if you had booked 30minutes sensual full body with Tantric Motion i.e shower facilities, hot oils, clean towels etc etc.

If this suits your needs, you can now book your desired date and time and experience the magic of my hands.

No deposit required, cash or card payments accepted on arrival.

15 Mins of Tantric Motion £50.00

“Expensive you might say and my answer will be NO it isn’t”.

Your session will require a minimum of 3/4 towels, disposable couch runner and head cover, hot oil, heated room, heated couch cover, toiletries, my time and the time between my clients which is lost, floor cleaning after your visit and then theres the laundering and drying.

"Naughty Gents", “Naughty Gents”, Full Body Massage Service

Have a great Saturday and I will look forward to hearing from my naughty gents 🥰

Take care of you and yours,

Sue x

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